15 Business Apps for the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro with its processing power and giant screen can now be seen as a good alternative to working on a standard laptop. To maximize productivity and use it to the full potential, you need to use business apps. This article showcases a few of our favourite business apps that let you increase productivity, improve workflows, and manage time effectively.

1.Microsoft 365

It’s the best Office suite out there, with wide functionality. It allows you to preserve the formatting while converting between file types, which is important while working with office documents. Being a cloud-based application, Microsoft 365 stores all your documents in the cloud, and you can access and work on documents across multiple devices. All you need is to login to your Microsoft account and you are good to go.

TypePrice Subscription
Microsoft 365 Personal$69.9512-Month Subscription
Microsoft 365 Family$99.9512-Month Subscription; up to 6 People
Microsoft 365 Business Standard$149.95One-Year Subscription

2.Dragon Dictation

Tired of typing out documents or emails? Use this app to convert your spoken words into text on your iPad screen. It is a great productivity tool as it is faster than typing out on your keyboard. And what’s more, you can easily multitask; speak while your hands are busy on another task. Handy for all the multi-taskers out there!

TypePrice Subscription
Dragon Anywhere$14.99Monthly
Dragon Anywhere$149.99Annual

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular cloud application to store your files and documents. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is the easy syncing that it allows between devices. This is great if you work on multiple devices.

TypePrice Subscription
Dropbox Plus$11.99Monthly
Dropbox Plus$119.99Annual
Dropbox Professional$19.99Monthly
Dropbox Professional$199.99Annual

4. Bitrix24

Bitrix24, with a suite of business tools, is primarily designed for teams. This is especially helpful in the current lockdown situation. It has tools for collaboration, project management, document handling, employee management, instant messaging, an excellent CRM and more. This app provides convenient access via the mobile app.

Free App

5. Genius Scan PDF scanner

This app lets you convert pictures of documents into PDFs. You can take pictures of documents with the iPad camera and the app converts into PDF by drawing a frame around it. It also lets you modify the frame to suit your need and export it as a PDF or JPG. An extremely useful app for sending documents if you are not near a scanner; or for reducing paper documents. Scan, import, convert and save to Dropbox. Done.

Genius Scan+$7.99
Monthly Subscription$2.99
1 Year Subscription$29.99
Small Tip$0.99
Generous Tip$2.99
Super Large Tip$9.99

6. SlideShark

An excellent app to showcase a PowerPoint presentation or PDF on an iPad. You can also display the presentation on a larger monitor by using AirPlay. You can edit and annotate your presentations with the SlideShark app.

Free App

7. Evernote

Evernote is a popular project management and organisation app. This app helps to organise projects efficiently and make team collaboration easy. Evernote lets you manage information and store all information in one place. The greatest advantage of this app is that it can be used across platforms; so, anything done on your iPad gets automatically reflected wherever you access this app.

Evernote Premium$4.99
Evernote Plus$3.99

8. 1Password

Your business probably has a host of systems, accompanied by login ids and passwords. Now you can forget about remembering passwords. You can manage all your credentials on your iPad with 1Password. A master password and touch ID ensures the safety of your passwords by allowing only you to have access to the password vault. The app uses end-to-end encryption to ensure security.

Monthly Subscription$3.99
Annual Subscription$35.99
Families Monthly Subscription$6.99
Families Annual Subscription$59.99

9. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

If you are a hands-on person who moves around quite a lot while working or are working remotely in the current scenario, you may need to access your computer when you are not near the desk. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop app lets you access everything that you use on your computer from iPad even when you are not near; this is a great option for remote working or while you are travelling.

Anywhere Access Pack$1.99Single time
Anywhere Access Pack$4.99Monthly
Anywhere Access Pack$16.99Yearly

10. TripIt

If you travel for business purposes, organizing your travel plans is important to ensure that you have not missed anything. It is time-consuming, and many people find it cumbersome. If that is you, then TripIt is the app for you. It helps organize your travel plans by keeping all information in one place and letting you see a summary in one glance. You just need to forward your travel confirmation emails, and TripIt will create a custom itinerary.

TripIt Pro$48.991 Year

11. Enlight

Enlight is an excellent app for a busy e-commerce entrepreneur, bloggers or business owners who takes a lot of pictures to be used on websites or social media. This app lets you touch up your images to make them high-quality.

The app has a host of features that let you work on your images like a pro – convert images to street art, doodle on image, reshape objects, create photo collages and, remove defects, and much more.

Unlimited access$6.99
Photofox unlimited access$7.99

12. Workflow

The Workflow app lets you automate processes by creating workflows on your iPad. There are around 200 actions including getting driving instructions, adding icons on the home screen for specific functions etc. A great app to improve efficiency and productivity.

Free App

13. FileMaster

If you use your iPad for business purpose, you’ll want all your files and folders organized to ensure productivity and efficiency. The FileMaster app lets you organize and manage files easily. This app also comes with an integrated PDF reader and a built-in search feature that allows for a quick and easy search.

ADS free$2.99

14. OfficeTime

This is a perfect app for business owners struggling to manage their time effectively. OfficeTime tracks and categorizes your time. There is also a feature for tracking expenses. OfficeTime is an excellent app for entrepreneurs and teams working on deadlines and budgets.


15. TunnelBear VPN

Business Apps for the iPad Pro | Computing Australia

If you travel a lot, chances are that you end up using public Wi-Fi hotspots or unsecured networks and security is a concern. TunnelBear VPN solves this problem; it provides adequate protection, and it’s quite simple to install and use. The user interface is clean, and even people who are not tech-savvy can use this app with ease. One useful feature is that this app allows you to choose the country which you want to browse from the app’s list. This lets you work around the restrictions that the country you are visiting may have on some sites.

Giant Tunnelbear$9.99
Unlimited data for any 5 devices$6.99
Grizzly Tunnelbear$59.99
Unlimited data for any 5 devices$49.99

These are just a few apps to get you started on using your iPad to its full potential. You can consider using the iPad Pencil to enhance the experience. To learn more about productive business solutions, contact us or email us at helpdesk@computingaustralia.group.

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