So, you have bitten the bullet and decided to have an IT review!

This article provides you a quick overview of how you can prepare for your review to ensure you get the best value for your effort.


Make sure you either have your password register on hand. It should include passwords for:

  • Server/s
  • At least one computer (preferably a computer with high level access)
  • Network infrastructure like routers, switches and modems

Don’t have a password register? Ask your IT manager to provide you a list.
Your consultant will benefit from having a login to inspect key aspects of your IT setup.
Don’t worry – you can reset it as soon as he leaves!


Do you have any of the following covered by contracts?

  • Software support
  • IT support
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Telecommunications (phone, internet)

It is handy to get an idea of what contractual obligations you may have with third party vendors as this can impact our recommendations.


Do you keep a register of your core IT equipment warranties?
It helps us to know how old your equipment is and how much warranty coverage can be counted on.
Equipment that is out of warranty can be a liability as you don’t know if spare parts are available.


The following invoices will help us to do a thorough top to bottom review:

  • Internet – at least a few months’ worth of billing
  • Telephone – an IT review is a great chance to see if you can reduce your comms costs
  • Support – an idea of your last 12 months’ spend on IT support can give a good insight into the cost of maintaining your systems as they are

Summary of key staff

Who are your “go to” people in house for IT support and management?
Do you know how much time your staff spend on IT related issues (this can be a hidden cost that can mount up)

Summary of key software

What software does your company depend on?
We are familiar with most software packages but a list is handy to consult when we are making recommendations.

List of Problems

It is a great idea to let your staff know that you have engaged a consultant and invite them to put forward a list of issues they are aware of.
Often, we find that staff waste a lot of time “making do” with IT issues instead of seeking a solution.

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Daniel Hutchinson
Daniel Hutchinson
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