IT Policies are for big companies – right? Wrong!

Having some basic IT policies in place can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. If you don’t have something formal in place then there is no legal proof that you have given clear and legal instructions to your staff. You could find yourself in a tricky legal situation with no obvious way out.

Over our many years auditing companies, we have seen staff getting away with horrendous things that have endangered the businesses they work for, leaving them open to criminal prosecution for want of having some basic rules in place. You would think it would be common sense for your staff not to engage in illicit practices but unfortunately it isn’t.

Common scenarios we have seen:


  • downloading illegal torrents like movies and software
  • running personal businesses using the employer’s mail systems
  • viewing pornography – often in clear view of other staff
  • harrassing other employees via email or Facebook
  • harrassing other people
  • spending more time surfing the net than actually working
  • installing pirated software
  • sending confidential data offsite

It may seem like a no brainer that employees shouldn’t install the latest pirated copy of Microsoft Office on their computer but without you having explicitly forbidden this from occurring, you could be found as legally complicit. You could face a huge fine for running illegal software AND find it difficult to dismiss or punish an offending staff member – really!

The cleanest way to prevent these scenarios from arising is to have formal policies in place that employees sign as part of their employment contract. Combine this with suitable technology to either prevent these things occuring or at least alert you if they do.

You don’t need a lawyer to draft up your policies either!

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Daniel Hutchinson
Daniel Hutchinson
Daniel Hutchinson is the CEO of several tech companies in the Computing Australia Group. These include Computing Australia, Codesquad, Confidential Technology Services and Staff Guru. He has extensive business interests in Australia and India.

He is a skilled business analyst who specialises in helping companies match the right technology to their needs.

Daniel blogs extensively on a wide range of IT topics.