24/7 Live Helpdesk

Computing Australia’s Helpdesk provides premium 24-hour IT support to clients, every day of the year, including public holidays.

Our help desk uses a “follow the sun” methodology – one of our 3 global offices will seamlessly look after you and your computer. We will route your request to an available team member from one of more than 200 global staff.

This way, you always get the fastest support. However, depending on the complexity of the request, sometimes your request may need to be escalated to a higher level tech team.

Using the Computing Australia Helpdesk

As a VIP client, Computing Australia’s Help Desk is designed to provide you with professional and courteous customer service, expert problem resolution, and peace of mind.

You can contact our Level 1 & 2 helpdesk at any time whenever and wherever you are. Here are some methods you can use to get access to support.

Contact the Help Desk via Chat


Level 1 & 2 Help Desk technicians can be contacted via the chat tool. To activate a chat session without calling in, simply click the Help Desk chat icon at the bottom of this page.

Contact the Help Desk via Phone

phone helpdesk image

Our Level 1 & 2 technicians are available via phone at any time, and can be reached at 1300 790 166

Email and Corporate Phone Support are still available!
Technicians can still be contacted at helpdesk@computingaustralia.group and through our 1300 790 166 phone number during Business Hours

Level 1 & 2 Help Desk Phone Number
1300 790 166

If you would like to speak with a Level 1 or 2 technician directly, you can use the number above. However, for the fastest response we encourage you contact us via email.

For more complex technical issues and sales support, you can still call us on 1300 790 166 during WA business hours. Or use our contact form here.