What is the dark web | Computing Australia | Perth

What is the Dark Web?

The “dark web” is a term that’s often repeated in movies and conspiracy theories. It sounds mysterious and a bit dangerous, right? Should you be scared of accidentally stepping into the dark web when you’re casually browsing the internet? Our cybersecurity ninjas from Perth are here to put your mind at ease. So let’s get right on the topic.

Cybersecurity guide | Computing Australia | Perth

The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity

Internet is the lifeblood of the modern era. As the digital space becomes more advanced and integrates further into the day-to-day lives, there arises a question of safety. Cybersecurity acts as the armour that protects your privacy and all personal information. So what exactly is cybersecurity, and why you should care about it? Here’s a comprehensive cybersecurity guide to help you protect your and your customers’ data.

What are the common types of cyberattacks | Computing Australia

What Are The Common Types Of Cyberattacks?

Cybercrimes are rampant across the world, causing incredible damages to individuals and organisations. There are different kinds of cyber attacks aimed at individuals and groups. They may be perpetrated by groups or individuals who seek monetary benefit or leverage of some sort. They use vulnerability, lack of knowledge, and manipulation as the means to this end. So, what is a cyberattack and what are the most common types?

What is Social Engineering? | Computing Australia

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering has got a lot of attention recently. While the term is innocent, it denotes one of the most rampant crimes in the cyberworld. It is not new – the term was, ironically, popularised by a social engineer himself, Kevin Mitnick. He used the word to refer to his criminal activities in the 90s, like hacking and other computer-related crimes.

Cybersecurity for the hospitality industry | Computing Australia

Why Does the Hospitality Sector Need to Invest in Cybersecurity?

With evolving technologies, hospitality industries are now reliant on the use of internet and electronic devices for the daily functioning of the business. This convenience also comes with vulnerabilities. Being online means, you may be open to cyber-attacks. Our cybersecurity team in Perth has years of experience in helping hospitality businesses stay secure.

Why is cybersecurity training vital for employees | Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training – Your Staff are Your Best Defence

Studies on cybersecurity events show that between 70 and 90% of data breaches are caused by simple human error. Shocking information, right! Recently the huge hike in cybercrime rates also proves that no business is immune to the risk of a cyber-attack. That is why cybersecurity training is vital for employees. Training your employees is a great way to provide an extra layer of resilience to cyber-attack.

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