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The Ultimate Guide to Password Managers

Do you share passwords with your friends? Friends are at the apex of the sharing chain. You can share anything with them. From your clothes to the deepest secrets. One thing it isn’t cool to share though are your passwords, yet this is what people do every day by storing passwords in unsecured text files, in emails, or sharing them with friends via chat, email, text etc.

What are the benefits of Facebook for business - The CAG

Facebook means Business

Facebook is one of the most popular social network platforms. It allows users to connect and share thoughts, ideas, and information online. It is the most used social media platform by businesses. Facebook has always focused on building their platform favourable for the growth of the business world. Before going to what are the benefits of Facebook for business, let’s consider these recent statistics* on Facebook.

Why is social media important for small businesses - The CAG

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Advertising is a major overhead for most businesses. In this age of shrinking attention spans, you need continuous engagement with customers to achieve customer loyalty. This can be difficult for small businesses, with their limited marketing budgets. This is where social media turns into an effective marketing channel for small businesses.

What are Rich Snippets - WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes - The CAG

WordPress SEO in 5 Minutes – What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets can come be confusing for people new to SEO but in this, our latest SEO in 5 minutes article, we set the record straight. The result shown to the user in search results is called a “snippet”. Google search results snippets mostly display the title, meta description, and URL. “Rich Snippets” (sometimes called Rich Results) are snippets where additional data gets displayed. Hence, the name rich results or rich snippets.

How to Improve Your Website - 20 Essential Ways - The CAG

How to Improve Your Website

Your website has been around for some time, and you notice a reduction in traffic or conversion. Or maybe the site looks a bit jaded to your eyes? Or perhaps some pages are not relevant anymore. It’s time to do a design and improvement tweak on your website. So how or where do you get started? First, identify why you need to do an improvement exercise on your website.

What Are the Benefits of Google My Business - The CAG

Google My Business Means Business

Google My Business is a free tool that helps business owners to manage their online presence across the Google suite of websites. This includes Google Search, Google Maps, Mobile Search, Local Search. It allows monitoring and replying to customer reviews; adding photos; learning where and how people are searching for you, and more. As the experts in Perth for local SEO, we know that Google My Business means business.

Choosing The Best WordPress Theme for Your Site - The CAG

Choosing The Best WordPress Theme for Your Site

WordPress is amazing to work with; that is, once you have the right theme in place. With more than 10,000 WordPress themes to choose from, choosing a WordPress theme that is ideal for your site can seem an impossible task. The following 12 point guide will help you to narrow down the WP themes that you need to look through before you pick the right one.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Time is one of the biggest limitations for small business owners. There just isn’t enough to go around! Computerized processes and automation save time, but there are small changes to how you work with computers that can save you that extra time. Did you know that using keyboard shortcuts rather than the mouse can save you about 8 workdays per year?