What is black hat SEO - CAG

What is Black Hat SEO?

SEO is crucial for the success of any digital marketing strategy. Anybody promising you fast results is probably using unacceptable techniques. At times, these techniques can fall into the Black Hat SEO category. So, what is black hat SEO? Why do real SEO experts advise you against it? Our SEO team at Perth explains.

Why do content KPIs matter - The CAG - Perth

Content KPIs: What are they and why do they matter?

Content marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools that can give amazing ROI when done right. But can you measure something creative like content creation? Content marketing takes time to show results, but yes, the results can be measured. So, why do content KPIs matter? What are the common content KPIs and how can they be measured? Our team at Perth explains.

Why does your site have a high bounce rate- The CAG - Perth

Why Does Your Site Have a High Bounce Rate?

Are you in panic mode after seeing a high bounce rate in your website analytics? Don’t be! A high bounce rate isn’t necessarily bad for your website.
Yes, you heard that right. ​If we have managed to confuse you enough, sit back and keep reading this article for more enlightenment on page bounce rates

What is orphaned content - The Computing Australia Group - Perth

WordPress SEO in 5 mins – What is orphaned content?

Content creation is only half the marketing process – for people to discover your content, search engines must find and index it first. In SEO, “Orphaned content” is the term used for such unlinked content. Our experts from Perth explain everything you need to know about orphaned content: what is orphaned content, and why is it significant in SEO?

Why should small businesses use Content Marketing - The CAG - Perth

Why Should Small Businesses use Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a crucial facet of digital marketing. More and more businesses are slowly becoming conscious of the content they’re putting out into the world and how to profit from it. so, what is content marketing? Why should small businesses use it to their advantage? Our experts at Perth explain.

How to write an engaging Facebook post - The CAG - Perth

How to Write an Engaging Facebook Post

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media channels. It helps to increase your organic reach and engagement with the audience. Likes, comments and shares help your brand reach a wider audience. So how to write an engaging Facebook post? Is there a fixed way to create content that will successfully drive more traffic towards your brand? Like all marketing tactics, Facebook, too, isn’t one-size-fits-all. You need to analyse what works best for your business. However, after observing the platform for years, our Social Media boffins have come up with a few tips that work well in most cases. Here’s how to write an engaging Facebook post.

Guide to link building for SEO - The Computing Australia Group - Perth

The Complete Guide to Link Building

External links are like a vote of confidence for your website and business. It tells visitors and Google that your content is worth linking to. It is no wonder then that Link Building is an important off-page SEO factor. Read on to learn about the significance of link building and how you can apply it in your website SEO to drive maximum traffic.