What is a VPN and Why Should I Use One? | Computing Australia

5 minute HelpDesk – What is a VPN and Why Should I Use One?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to transmit data safely and anonymously. It is no longer just a way for corporates to connect into the network. VPNs are now increasingly used by individuals and small businesses to protect their data from unauthorised access.

Which email is the best for my business? | Computing Australia

Which Email Solution is Best for My Business?

Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are the best and most popular email solutions in use right now. They may look similar at a glance. But Outlook and Gmail work in different ways. Deciding which email is the best for your business depends a lot on your requirements. Here’s a quick summary guide on the differences between the two to help you find the best solution.

How do I Change My Default Search Engine | Computing Australia

5 Minute HelpDesk – How Do I Change My Default Search Engine

All web-browsers have a default search engine. Example – Google Chrome uses Google Search Engine, while Microsoft Edge uses Bing. But if you don’t like the search engine used by your browser, you can easily change it. Our IT helpdesk from Perth shows you how to change your default Search Engine for various browsers.

What to do if I Spilt Coffee on My Laptop | Computing Australia

5 Minute HelpDesk – What to Do If I Spilt Coffee on My Laptop

Drinking coffee while working on your laptop maybe an energizer until the day you accidentally spill it on your laptop. But there’s a good chance of recovering your laptop if you act quickly. Our IT HelpDesk from Perth will help you with what to do if you spilt coffee on your laptop.

How to speed up a slow computer | Computing Australia

5 Minute HelpDesk – How to Speed Up a Slow Computer?

We all know how frustrating it is to work with a slow computer. Even if you’re diligent with the maintenance of your laptop or PC, it still can slow down. This is because the software we use are becoming more and more demanding and how the computer reacts to these changes can influence its performance.

What are the Risks of Remote Working? | Computing Australia

What are The Risks of Remote Working and How to Mitigate Them?

Remote working has been a rising trend for a while now. With the pandemic, the number of remote working employees increased considerably. Businesses that want to take advantage of this new trend of remote working, need tobe aware of the unique risks that come with them. In this article, our cybersecurity experts in Perth will help you understand what the risks of remote working are and how to mitigate them.

Best email productivity tips | 7 Email Productivity Tips

7 Email Productivity Tips – Microsoft Outlook

Most of us start and end the workday by checking our emails. At times emails can get hard to manage and can even stand in the way of getting work done. You can avoid this and also free up some extra time by implementing a few changes to your email management. So, here are 7 best email productivity tips to maximise productivity and enhance the efficient use of Microsoft Outlook.

What are the types of COVID-19 scams? | Computing Australia

Types of COVID-19 Scams to Watch Out For

Cybercriminals are using the COVID-19 pandemic situation of fear and confusion to their advantage. Scamwatch has reported over 5170 scams with over $6,280,000 amount lost since the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). It is, therefore, essential to be aware of scams that are out there and how to avoid them. Codesquad’s cybersecurity team in Perth will help you understand what the different types of COVID-19 scams are and how to protect against them.

How to Secure Your Data During the Holiday Season | Computing Australia

Secure Your Data before You Go on Holiday

People are away from their workstations and are generally inattentive to securing their devices and accounts. Our cybersecurity team from Perth list some useful tips on how to secure your data during the holiday season.