In-house vs Managed IT Services – Best choice for your business

In-house vs Managed IT Services – The Best Choice for Your Business

The debate over In-house vs Managed IT services is an ongoing one. There is no universal right answer; the right answer would be to find out what is the best choice for your business. In this post, we narrow down the debate to the important points to help you decide.The skillsets required for the functions is a major deciding factor on whether you should outsource your IT to a Managed Service Provider.

How do I setup gmail in Microsoft Outlook | 5 Minute Help Desk

5 Minute Help Desk – How to Setup Gmail in Microsoft Outlook

We bring you a new series ‘5 Minute Help Desk’ on the most common requests that our helpdesk deal with. We will give you simple steps on how to solve those issues. But if you prefer talking to us directly, we are of course just a call or email away. Here is the first article in the series –These steps are the same whether it’s the first Gmail account or additional Gmail accounts being added to Outlook.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Time is one of the biggest limitations for small business owners. There just isn’t enough to go around! Computerized processes and automation save time, but there are small changes to how you work with computers that can save you that extra time. Did you know that using keyboard shortcuts rather than the mouse can save you about 8 workdays per year?

Microsoft Office 365 Name Change to Microsoft 365 | Computing Australia

Microsoft Office 365 Changes Name in April

Microsoft has announced some name changes to some of its Office 365 suite. The name changes impact small and medium sized business users of the Office 365 suite of products.What are the Changes to The New Microsoft Office 365?Not much has changed except for the names of the plans (see table below).Office 365 plans that are changing

Remote Working for Employees During COVID-19

Coronavirus Remote Working – companies around the world now face the reality of staff having to work remotely from home. The WHO has declared COVID-19 a ‘pandemic’. It is fair to assume that remote working conditions are here to stay for the next 3 to 6 months .

Ransomware Protection for Business | Computing Australia

The Ransomware Survival Guide for Business

Ransomware attacks have increased exponentially, causing loss to businesses worth billions of dollars each year. Though there are ways to recover from a ransomware attack, “Prevention is better than cure” is the best way to minimize financial loss and damage to your company image.

Digital Pen apps | Computing Australia | 10 Business Apps

10 Business Apps to Make the Most of Your Digital Pen

Move over the keyboard; the Digital Pen lets you do much more than the usual keyboard and standard computer, giving your productivity an extra boost. Of course, you will need apps to make the maximum use of your Pen. You can choose from the scores of apps out there based on your requirements. We have put together a list of the best apps to help you get started.

Cloud Computing | Computing Australia | Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Computing – Your New Business Frontier

Businesses across industries and size are moving towards cloud computing. Market studies have already shown that businesses who moved to cloud computing have experienced improved revenue growth. Most people using Google Drive, Gmail, Facebook do not even realize they are using cloud-based applications. However, many businesses still hesitate to move away from a traditional way of operating.

Advantages of Managed IT services | Computing Australia

Managed Services – Your Gateway to Trouble-free Computing

Managed Services have been around for over two decades now. But with increasingly complex technology and automation of business processes, Managed IT Services are no longer just “desirable,” it is unavoidable and important for any business. Managed IT services have a lot of advantages over traditional IT support services.