How to prevent Identity theft | Cybersecurity | Computing Australia

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft?

As the world progresses to ensure an easy and smooth flow of day-to-day life, many daily activities are being shifted onto digital platforms. Lack of proper security measures makes it easy for a person’s identity to be stolen and misused. Our cybersecurity team in Perth have listed some simple but effective ways to prevent identity theft.

What are Internet Cookies? | How do they work | Computing Australia

What are Internet Cookies?

Internet cookies are one of the most misunderstood characters in the cyber world. They are essential for the smooth functioning of the browsing process and also quite helpful for businesses. So why are they so vilified? Our cybersecurity geeks from Perth answer.

What are botnets | How do They Work? | Computing Australia

What are Botnets and How do They Work?

A bunch of university students, initially targeted vulnerable IoT devices to create a powerful botnet. But with the code being posted online, other criminal minds are already at work building and modifying the code for bigger and more dangerous attacks. So, what are botnets and how do they work?