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Cloud computing is a term used to describe the method of hosting computer services and data on a remote, outsourced network.

A company can preserve capital by not buying its own infrastructure and leasing / renting only the amount of resources they actually need. Cloud computing is scalable – it can readily be expanded or contracted to suit your business needs at that time.

Computing Australia is widely experienced in cloud computing and will provide you with a tailored solution to suit your needs.

We even have our own data centres in Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai.

Let our consultants can show you how to reduce your IT costs, while still ensuring your company has access to the computing resources it needs.

We specialise in:

  • Office365, Exchange Online & SharePoint implementation

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Platform and Software as a service

  • Custom Data Centre solutions

  • Hybrid Cloud solutions

Cloud Computing Stacks Up:

  • Reduce your IT costs
    • – no need to buy inhouse servers
    • – save on dedicated IT staff
    • – cut down on power consumption
  • Scalable – expand and contract according to your business
  • Business continuity – benefit from state of the art redundancy
  • Collaborate with your staff, wherever they choose to work

Cloud Computing Services

What are the advantages of Cloud Services? 

How do Cloud Computing Services work? 

With a cloud solution, instead of having physical equipment onsite, the workload is managed by many computers that make up “the cloud”. Resources are allocated and paid for only as required, which means you no longer have to invest capital into expensive servers or pay for their upkeep. Cloud services are not just limited to hardware – it can include software you already use everyday, like the Microsoft Office or your accounting software.  With a service such as Microsoft’s Office 365, you can access all your emails, Word and Excel documents all from a web browser.

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