Computer Repairs

Computing Australia operate a 24 hour computer repair centre based in Belmont, WA. Our workshop carries components for most common makes and models and we can handle any computer related service needs including:

  • Upgrades & repairs
  • Data recovery
  • Operating system reinstalls
  • Warranty replacement
  • Insurance jobs
Computer Repairs | Computing Australia | Belmont
Computer Repairs | Computing Australia | Belmont

Slow Computer?

Installing & uninstalling software, system updates, working with files, hard drive running out of space – all these factors and more can cause your computer to slow down over time.

The Computing Australia workshop team can revive your old computer and return it to its original performance.

A Computing Australia service can include:

  • Backup your files and settings
  • Reinstall your operating system
  • Reinstall your applications
  • Restore your files and settings
  • Update all software to the latest version
  • Add memory and a new hard drive if needed

We guarantee that your computer will work like it did when you bought it, although sometimes a computer may be past its use by date – old hardware specifications may not be suited to modern software.

Computer Repairs | Computing Australia | Belmont

We work when you do

The work day is changing – business owners and their staff no longer fit their duties into the old 9 to 5 routine. They work weekends. They work evenings. So do we!

The Computing Australia 24 hour help desk work around the clock, 7 days a week to ensure you get timely support when you need it.

This is handy if you want to drop a computer in at our workshop early in the morning before work or pick it up over the weekend.

Some work can be performed while you wait but most workshop repair jobs need to be left with us for 24 hours.

If you need a loan computer to use while we repair your existing one, we can usually arrange something to help you out.

The CAG workshop is here to help with upgrades, repairs and warranty jobs.

Give us a call on 1300 790 166 any time.

Computer Repairs
We work when you work

Experience the Computing Australia difference
A dedicated team of on call help desk technicians

Computer Repairs
We work when you work

Experience the Computing Australia difference

A dedicated team of on call help desk technicians

Computer Repairs
7 days a week | 24 hours a day

A dedicated support team – 24 Hour Help Desk – on call, around the clock – when you need them
We provide on demand IT support to businesses throughout Perth and Western Australia

More ways to contact us

Contacting your 24 Hour Help Desk Team

Other IT companies want you to lodge a support ticket online or wait in a voice queue. Computing Australia provide many ways for you to get support.

Voice – want to speak to a technician – sure you can do that ✓

Ticketing system – we have a state of the art client portal ✓

Prefer to text chat online? – you can do that too ✓

Video chat – have a face to face with the tech who is fixing your computer ✓

Email support – yup got you covered ✓

CloudSuite – the best part is that we often know you need us before you even tell us. Our CloudSuite software monitors your IT systems and lets us know if something goes wrong like the internet going down or your server going offline. ✓

The Computing Australia Difference

Most IT companies take a classic “break / fix” approach to IT management and support.

This is where we differ:

  • 24 Hour Help Desk
  • Intelligent CloudSuite software monitors your systems around the clock
  • Continuous patching keeps your systems up to date
  • Strong emphasis on prevention and permanent solutions to problems
  • Investment in client documentation
  • Ongoing commitment to staff training and mentorship
  • Quality control systems, continually learning from what we do
  • Dedicated escalation teams that extend the help desk experience
  • Vendor relationships to manage third party applications
  • Warranty registration and management
  • Dedicated account managers