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Internet & Phone Systems in Perth

Thinking Internet & Phone Systems in Perth? The right solution underpin every successful business. Choosing an internet provider is a big decision for a business. There are a myriad of confusing terminologies and options that when combined with a lock in contract can make choosing the best deal quite difficult.

When you add phone systems into that mix, you are usually left with more questions than answers.

The Computing Australia consulting team can perform a comprehensive needs analysis, taking into account your current setup, where you are trying to get to and the budget you have in mind.

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Not every ISP is created equal.

When you choose an ISP there are many considerations but the most important two are speed and bandwidth. You also need to think about contract length, dedicated IP addresses, equipment requirements and more.

Most businesses are heavily dependent on the internet for accessing online resources like Office 365 / email, internet accounting systems like QuickBooks or Xero. There are also services like offsite backups or cloud computing solutions.

It is important to think not just about where your business is today but where you are going – what resources are you likely to consume in the future.

A Computing Australia internet review can take a snap shot of your business and help to identify the right connection and the most favourable price. We work with all key ISPs including Telstra, iinet, TPG and Vocus. We can arrange anything from a standard ADSL connection through to a fibre solution.

IP Telephony

No discussion about choosing the right internet service is complete without also considering the rest of your communication needs, including your phone system.

Most ISPs have their own phone solutions that they can bundle into a good deal for you but you need to exercise some care in choosing. There are many advantages and disadvantages to each phone system.

A good IP Telephone system will have features that include:

  • Unlimited calls
  • 99.9% uptime guarantees
  • Scalability
  • Conferencing facilities
  • Call recording
  • Easy self management

You can also look for cool features like being able to use soft phones while away from the office or integrating your mobile phones.

Computing Australia
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Get the right features at the right price under a fair contract

A truly independent consultant
All your telecommunication needs

Work with an independent consultant who can design the best solution, using the best telecommunication services.
Our consultation is cost effective and is usually easily offset by the savings you will make against the solution we recommend.

Network Cabling

Our internet service offerings don’t stop at the patch panel. We offer more than Internet & Phone systems. If you are going to get fibre to the premises you want to make sure that you have the network backbone to take advantage of the extra speed you are paying for.

Computing Australia can also design effective network and wireless solutions and then source reliable contractors to complete the job for you under our project management.

We ensure that all network cabling work complies with all proscribed statutes, regulations, and standards.

Network Infrastructure

Once you have the right internet and phone system and a great wired / wireless setup, we can also assist with designing a network to meet your business needs.

Computing Australia supply and install most brands of internet modems, routers, switches and firewalls.

Getting your Managed Service provider involved is a great way to ensure that all aspects of your internet, phone, network and computing infrastructure work seamlessly well together.

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