Network Operations Centre

Computing Australia operate a 24 hour Network Operations Centre.

Powered by our proprietary CloudSuite software, the Computing Australia Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitor client infrastructure in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We conduct patching and maintenance after hours to cause the least disruption to your business.

The Network Operations Centre intercept issues before they arise and our NOC engineers can take preventative action to avert lengthy outages and disruptions.

Network Operations Centre | Computing Australia
Network Operations Centre | Computing Australia
Network Monitoring | Computing Australia


Computing Australia utilises our own proprietary CloudSuite package that provides around the clock monitoring of your computers and critical infrastructure.

CloudSuite delivers a seamless NOC and help desk experience by allowing us to maintain your computers in peak condition and provide remote support wherever you happen to be working from.

Reporting and Analytics

Our NOC clients receive monthly reports that outline every detected incident and the actions that were taken to remediate. The CA NOC is very much a turn key solution, with our engineers taking on all the responsibility. You get peace of mind knowing that your critical systems are protected by Computing Australia.

Artificial Intelligence

The Computing Australia Network Operations Centre (NOC) utilises artificial intelligence to predict problems with key infrastructure like servers and network storage.

Predictive failures point to issues with your system before they occur. There is usually then sufficient time to take action and avert outages.

Intelligent Patch Management

Our NOC team have strict patching protocols, whitelisting safe patches and carefully avoiding patches that may cause damage to your systems. We also keep a close eye on and systems reaching their end of life to ensure you have time to plan for an upgrade or replacement.

The Computing Australia NOC
Network Operations Centre

Round the clock monitoring of critical infrastructure in real time
Artificial intelligence backed NOC services for peace of mind

Round the Network Operations Centre
7 days a week | 24 hours a day

A dedicated support team – on call, around the clock – when you need them

Round the Network Operations Centre
7 days a week | 24 hours a day

A dedicated support team – on call, around the clock – when you need them

NOC as a Service

Not all subscribers to our NOC service are Managed Service clients.

If you are a busy IT Manager who lacks the resources to monitor and maintain critical infrastructure, you can utilise our NOC services. All incidents and outages can be reported directly to you and your team for mediation or alternatively we can step in and take action.

If you are a Managed Service Provider looking for a cost effective NOC solution, the Computing Australia Network Operations Centre as a Service could be a great fit for you.

We are platform agnostic and can work with the Remote Monitoring and Management solution of your choice or you can use ours.

We can extend our monitoring to include security incident monitoring.

Learn more about the other Computing Australia services check out our services page.

The Computing Australia Difference

Most IT companies take a classic “break / fix” approach to IT management and support.

This is where we differ:

  • Intelligent CloudSuite software monitors your systems around the clock
  • Continuous patching keeps your systems up to date
  • Strong emphasis on prevention and permanent solutions to problems
  • Investment in client documentation
  • Ongoing commitment to staff training and mentorship
  • Quality control systems, continually learning from what we do
  • Dedicated escalation teams that extend the help desk experience
  • Vendor relationships to manage third party applications
  • Warranty registration and management
  • Dedicated account managers