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Redeveloping your Website? Here’s an SEO Checklist to Follow

Website designs evolve constantly. What was a best practice a few years ago may be outdated today. This is why SEOs recommend redesigning your website once every few years to keep up with evolving technology and customer expectations. Sure, it involves cost, but a redesigned website can improve your traffic and conversion rates.

WordPress plugins – Beginner's guide - CAG

A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Plugins

Did you know that WordPress official plugins directory alone has more than 59,000 plugins at the time of publishing this blog? Add to that the thousands of plugins sold by third party developers, and you know why WP is so popular. However, using plugins the right way is essential to getting the maximum done with them.

What is A/B testing - CAG

What is A/B Testing and How to do it Right

How can you ensure that all the elements of your website, email marketing copy, online ad or any digital marketing strategy is performing at their best? With a useful tool called A/B testing. A/B testing is a great way to identify your weak areas, implement new strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of these changes in the long run. So, what is A/B testing?

How to choose the right software - CAG

How to Choose the Right Software for your Business

The software choices you make have a crucial impact on the success of your business model. Every business needs to evolve to meet changing customer expectations and stay relevant. Are you trying to invest in new software but feeling overwhelmed by your options? Here’s a simple guide from our team at Perth on how to choose the right software for your business.

Do website themes affect SEO - The Computing Australia Group - Perth

Do Website Themes Affect SEO?

Do website themes affect SEO?”- this question has been circulating on the internet after a video that Google recently published. In the short clip, Google’s John Mueller says that website themes do have an impact on SEO, and they’re not just “a splash of colour on top of a finished structure.” This is why Codesquad is particular about the theme we choose for client websites. Let’s see what our SEO team has to say about the significance of website themes and how they affect SEO. Read on!

Why did Google remove my site from its index? - The CAG - Perth

Why Did Google Remove My Site From its Index?

The money and time business owners spend for creating and maintaining websites is not negligible. Then one day, you get the notification that your site has been removed from the Google index – So why did Google remove your site from its index? Our experts from Perth explain the many reasons that would lead to a site being removed from Google’s index. But first…

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10 Types of Websites You Can Build Using WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform and accounts for over 30% of active websites on the internet right now. In a digital era when there are countless CMS options available on the market, WordPress is still the leader of CMS platforms. Why is this so? WordPress is open-source and has an arsenal of features and functions that make it a near-perfect tool for creating a wide range of websites. From small brands to international organisations, WordPress websites are everywhere. So, what types of websites can you build using WordPress? But before that, let’s briefly take a look at what makes WordPress so popular.

How to improve your e-commerce checkout page - The CAG - Perth

How To Improve Your E-commerce Checkout Page

Did you know that 7 out of 10 customers abandon purchases after reaching the checkout page? You can earn high conversion rates by improving your checkout page and making the checkout process easy for your customers. How can you do this? Here’s a guide created by our experts from Perth on how you can improve an e-commerce checkout page.

Why your website needs a professional maintenance package - The CAG

Why Does Your Website Need a Professional Maintenance Package

It’s a wide-spread notion that a website is complete once it’s live. However, that is far from the truth. A website needs regular maintenance to perform efficiently and for a good user experience. You have to regularly update your website content as well as the technical aspects to keep your audience engaged. A continued website maintenance package is considered an unnecessary expense by many website owners. Our experts at Perth urge you to rethink. Here are five reasons why your website needs a professional maintenance package.

What is new in WordPress 5.8? - The CAG - Perth

What’s new in WordPress 5.8

With its release on July 20th, 2021, WordPress 5.8 comes with an impressive line-up of advanced features and bug fixes. The latest update also introduces Full site editing – this is just the beginning, so you can expect lots of features and improvements in later versions. So,what’s new in WordPress 5.8? Let’s take a deeper dive into the highlights of WordPress 5.8.