Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis

What is Business Process Analysis? The Computing Australia consulting team can conduct a comprehensive Business Process Analysis (BPA) to highlight inefficiencies and weaknesses in your organisation. We can show you smart ways to harness technology to streamline workflows and reduce expenditure across the whole business.

Let an experienced second set of eyes give you some unbiased feedback on how smoothly your business runs. We give practical, easy to implement recommendations that will slash your business costs.

Trust Your Instincts – Back Our Experience

As a business owner, you know your business inside out. You know that things don’t seem right but you can’t put your finger on why. Tasks that used to “just happen” now take twice as long to get done. Everything and everybody looks inefficient and awkward. Clients point out that you aren’t the same business they started dealing with years ago. What can you do?

These are usually the classic signs of a growing business still trying to work like a small business. When you start your business, you are the person who has a hand in everything but as you grow, cracks start to appear.

This is where a Business Process Analysis (BPA) consult proves useful. Our experienced consultant will take a close look at your documentation, policies and procedures and identify ways things can be tweaked and improved. Example: when you are a smaller business it may be an easy process to manage stock in an Excel spreadsheet but when you are a larger enterprise, a dedicated app may be more sensible.

After you consult, you will get a series of costed recommendations that can help improve your business work flows, trim costs and take the pressure off yourself.

So when that little bird inside your head tells you something is wrong – our best advice is to listen. You will be glad you did.

Double handling = twice the inefficiency

You would be surprised at how many manual, labour intensive processes make up the running of the average business. Even where there is a level of automation, often efficiencies are squandered because of the lack of integration between the various systems.

With the proliferation of software as a service, our consultants often find that a a typical business depends on around 8 to 10 different services just to get the job done. The problems are compounded when the various software solutions don’t “talk to each other.” This results in costly double handling and missed opportunities for gaining efficiency.

As an example – a business having separate systems for job management, stock control, employee rosters and payroll / accounting. Wouldn’t it be better having all these systems in one package?

Computing Australia have worked with thousands of businesses like your over the course of our 20 years in business. We know what is available in the marketplace and can show you how to streamline your own systems.

Contact us today to arrange a no obligation chat with a BPA professional and let us show you a better way to operate your business.

Business Process Analysis
Your business streamlined

Experience the Computing Australia difference with a detailed health check
Our consultants can streamline your business and save up to 30% on staffing costs

A second set of eyes on your business

Let an independent third party give your business a detailed health check

Fully costed solutions

Do you know the actual cost of running your business? We do!

Our team can run a detailed analysis of your business operating expenses and find ways to reduce cost and streamline inefficiencies.

It is important to understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) when evaluating your systems. As an example – everyone has told you that “Cloud Computing is cheaper” but how do you know this to be true? Your consultant will present you a fully costed proposal that shows you where the inefficiencies are and also their cost.

A good BPA will help you cut staff costs and red tape & hand you back a well oiled operation that will wow your clients when they interact with you.

In fact a Computing Australia BPA will identify so many savings that it will pay for itself.

Are your staff busy being busy?

As a business owner you know how hard you work. Everyone who works for you will have you believe they are “flat out.” Still that voice inside your head has a doubt. Everyone “looks” to be busy but why isn’t this translating into productivity, sales, happiness?

Most times staff are busy but until you get inside the processes they work with, nobody identifies that maybe people are just busy being busy. Every now and then, you need to stop and ask yourself “why am I asking staff to do this.” If you can’t tie the “why” back to a measurable business outcome then maybe it is just activity for the sake of activity.

The Computing Australia consulting team identify and analyse every business process. We are not just concerned with the why. We also care about the “how.” How long does it take to do this? How much does it actually cost to do this? How can we streamline this? Our answers may surprise you.


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