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For Cloud Computing in Perth, Computing Australia is an Australian pioneer in the Cloud space. Our offerings span private and public cloud solutions.

If your business is ready to make the move from in house computing infrastructure to the cloud, talk to the team at Computing Australia. We can explain the different options to divest your present setup and take full advantage of a move to the cloud.

We can design, migrate and manage your cloud environment. We are conveniently located in Belmont, just off Great Eastern Highway in Perth, Western Australia.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

One of the most cost effective solutions to moving your business into the cloud is IaaS.

The IaaS space is dominated by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. IaaS  commonly covers servers and storage devices, networking, firewalls, security and the data centre facility.

Advantages of IaaS:

  • No up front investment in hardware
  • No hardware management
  • Scalable memory, storage and computing power
  • High availability
  • High security
  • Cost effective (no capex, no finance)
  • Pay as you go (terminate on demand)

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service is a development and deployment environment in the cloud.

Similar to IaaS it is built on cloud infrastructure but also includes a range of supporting services like database management systems, business intelligence services, and other development tools.

Examples include Azure SQL and Google App Engine.

Advantages of PaaS:

  • Pay as you go model, reduce investment
  • Prebuilt components reduces staffing needs and development time
  • Develop cross platform compatibility
  • In built managed security
  • Collaborate in the cloud across multiple locations

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No up front capital expenditure

One of the most significant reasons businesses hold back on infrastructure upgrades is the up front cost. This is detrimental to the business because ageing infrastructure creates inefficiencies and holds back business growth.

Cloud computing allows you to tailor a new system based on your company needs without even being concerned about future growth or downsizing because cloud computing is totally scalable.

Provisioning cloud infrastructure is often far quicker than the procurement / installation cycle of physical equipment.

Preserve cash, avoid finance and move into the cloud for a fixed, predictable monthly fee.

To learn more about Computing Australia services, click here.

Software as a Service

Computing Australia have a considerable amount of experience in the Software as a Service space.

We have migrated many hundreds of businesses into technologies like Microsoft Office 365. This helps retire expensive server infrastructure, reduce maintenance and management costs and further streamlining business process.

Our sister company, Codesquad, also offer software development services – distilling complex business processes into smart Software as a Service solutions. Codesquad specialise in Rapid Application Development (RAD) which can help to transform your business in a very short period of time.

When you think cloud solutions – think Computing Australia.


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