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Perth based cyber security solutions for West Australian businesses

Cyber Security in Perth

For Cyber Security in Perth, Computing Australia offer a comprehensive suite of services in the Cyber Security space.

Our cyber auditors can determine the resilience of your business to internal and external threat. We offer both internal and external penetration testing to ensure your organisation can withstand a malicious attack or even an unlucky accident through lack of awareness.

With nearly 30% of Australian businesses being hit by a Cyber Security event in the last 12 months, every business can benefit from a Computing Australia audit.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a common method used by hackers to gain access to your IT systems and critical data. With nearly 100% of businesses being connected to the internet, all employees are susceptible to manipulation.

Social Engineering attacks are based on trust. You may receive an email from someone who appears to be a colleague that requests you to click a link. You could receive an instruction from somebody masquerading as your boss, instructing you to pay an invoice. Fake emails from banks are also common and most people are familiar with requests from Microsoft to reset their password.

The attempts are relentless and all staff need to be made aware of the significant risks associated with falling for a Social Engineering attack. As a business there is a lot that can be done to insulate the business from these types of attacks but an ongoing commitment to cyber awareness and training is critical.

A Computing Australia Cyber Security audit will give you peace of mind. Contact us today.

Cyber Security lapses are costly

Many businesses shy away from spending money on cyber security prevention but the real cost lies in doing nothing.

Consider the following statistics:

  • 33% of businesses have experienced a cyber crime
  • Average days to resolve an external attack = 23
  • Average days to resolve an internal attack = 51
  • Average cost of a cyber crime attack = $276, 323
  • 29% of attacks result in data loss
  • 25% of attacks result in revenue loss
  • 29% of attacks result in productivity loss

If you weigh up these figures, you can see that any cyber security attack is going to result in significant loss.

Figures compiled from Stay Smart Online

Don’t let your business become a Cyber Crime statistic – act now.

Cyber Security Services
What Price Peace of Mind?

The Computing Australia team can make your business resilient to cyber crime.
Get a comprehensive Cyber Security Audit to determine the risk to your business.

Are you a Victim of Cyber Crime?
On call Emergency response team.

Computing Australia have a rapid response team available at short notice.
We can help thwart a cyber attack in progress and prevent any future incident from occurring.

Our Cyber Security Services

Penetration Tests – external testing for organisation wide resilience against attack. We use a combination of white hat hacking tools and detailed forensic auditing techniques to identify the risks to your business.

Internal Auditing – our site wide systems audits consider additional concerns like data security and backup integrity testing, documentation and employee awareness.

Incident Response – forensic investigations of cyber security breaches and remediation to ensure it can’t happen again.

Other Services:
Risk Management, Awareness and Training, Security implementation and management.

The danger from within

50% of all cyber security events happen from inside an organisation. That’s a sobering fact.

Some of these are outright cyber crimes initiated by an employee, while others are caused by a lack of cyber security awareness. Staff are already well past the limitations that an external hacker will face because they are inside your network.

There are many steps that can be taken to detect and deter malicious activity by staff. Sometimes these are very simple strategies like tightening security permissions on the network but can also include software to monitor employees in real time.

We also offer staff training to heighten the awareness of staff to understand how even innocent activities like clicking an untrusted link can be fatal to your business.


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