Managed Services – Your Gateway to Trouble-free Computing

Managed Services – Your Gateway to Trouble-free Computing

Managed Services have been around for over two decades now. But with increasingly complex technology and automation of business processes, Managed IT Services are no longer just “desirable,” it is unavoidable and important for any business. Managed IT services have a lot of advantages over traditional IT support services. So, what is a managed IT service? In simple terms, your IT functions and applications are managed by a third-party service provider. Your managed service provider (MSP) is responsible for the maintenance and daily functioning of your business applications and supporting your end-customers, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business competencies.

How is it different from your traditional break-fix IT support?
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In a traditional set-up, you call your IT support when a problem occurs with your IT functionality. The service person troubleshoots the problem and the service is usually judged on the response times. The fixing is done “after” the problem has occurred leading to downtimes, data losses, productivity slumps etc. while the troubleshooting process is going on.

Advantages of a Managed Service Provider over a traditional IT support
  • Improved Productivity – One of the main advantages of managed IT services is the focus on proactive maintenance. So, instead of solving an error that has occurred, your MSP would be working towards foreseeing and correction of errors before they occur leading to no or low outages and improved response times.
  • Efficiency and Quality – Critical processes usually involve multiple technologies. For seamless IT functioning, it’s important for them to be operational and integrated. MSPs usually work with multiple clients and will have access to the latest IT developments and methods. So, you get continuous, high-quality service freeing up your IT department to focus more on strategic IT concerns.
  • Risk Management – Unlike a traditional service provider, much of the risk associated with your critical to business processes are transferred to the MSP. Their highly skilled knowledge and experience ensure that you have much-improved risk management, especially for IT security and compliance.
  • Assured future-ready IT services – Managed IT Service providers engage in constant training on upgrades and new releases and proprietary solutions. So, you can be assured of minimal risks, service disruptions and improved productivity.
  • Customised solutions – While traditional IT support usually works on their own terms of service, customised solutions is a great advantage of managed IT services. MSP offer you personalized solutions based on your operating hours, business needs and the complexity of your applications.

It would be good to remember that communication and clear Service Level Agreements are key to ensure maximum benefits from a Managed IT Services agreement. Continuous and open communication will ensure that you and your MSP are on the same page regarding your requirements. Engaging the services of an MSP allows you to improve your productivity while ensuring an enhanced experience for your business end-customers.

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