Cybersecurity for the hospitality industry | Computing Australia

Why Does the Hospitality Sector Need to Invest in Cybersecurity?

With evolving technologies, hospitality industries are now reliant on the use of internet and electronic devices for the daily functioning of the business. This convenience also comes with vulnerabilities. Being online means, you may be open to cyber-attacks. Our cybersecurity team in Perth has years of experience in helping hospitality businesses stay secure.

Australian Federal Government Budget | Computing Australia

The Federal Government Budget 2020-21 – Businesses in Recovery Mode

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a severe impact on our business economy and dented business confidence as it has all around the world. The Australian Federal Government Budget for 2020-21 was recently released. The Government’s economic response is designed to support Australian households and businesses to recover from the impact of this difficult period.

Why is cybersecurity important for business | Computing Australia

Why Cyber Security Needs More Focus Than Ever

In recent months we are witnessing a sharp uptick in the number of cybersecurity events all over Australia. In September, this year, Defense Minister Linda Reynolds warned that we are facing a “new normal”, as Australia released its first cybersecurity threat report which indicated 4,500 hacking attempts in a day. While we may have thwarted many hundreds of direct attacks both locally and overseas, we must remain vigilant.