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How to face the challenges of remote working | The CAG

How to Face the Challenges of Remote Working

With no superiors breathing down your neck and no crowded workspaces, remote work can be both a wonderful experience and a productivity sapper. Anyone who has worked from home can say the interference and more extended hours can impact your physical and mental well-being. It can also cause issues for a business as a whole. So, here’s a simple handbook on how to face the challenges of remote working.

How to work productively at remote work | Computing Australia

How To Work Productively at Remote Work

When 2020 rolled around with work-from-home becoming the new norm, most viewed it as a luxury that offered more flexibility and freedom. At times, you may never realise where the time went. So how you can work productively at remote work? Here are a few tips for employees to work as effectively and productively from home as from the office.