Choosing the business logo - CAG

Tips for choosing the right logo for your business

Choosing the business logo - CAG

Tips for choosing the right logo for your business

Tips for choosing the right logo for your business

Are you starting a new business? Or rebranding your existing business? Is your business in need of a logo? A well-designed logo can help your business stand out from the competition, and it’s a key part of your branding. Your logo is the first impression potential customers will have of your business, so you want to ensure it’s professional and visually appealing. So how do you choose the right logo for your business? Here are some tips from our branding expert team in Perth.

What is a Business Logo?

A business logo is a graphical mark, emblem, or symbol used to identify a company, organisation, product, or brand. It may be an abstract or figurative design. It can also include the text of the name or an abbreviation of the company name. Logos are composed of different elements, including shapes, colours, fonts, and images, and can be categorised into three main types: monogram, wordmark, and pictorial mark or emblem.

What makes a good business logo?

1. The logo is the face of your business – it should be memorable and representative of what you do

Your business logo is one of the first things potential customers will notice about your company. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your logo is memorable and representative of what you do. A well-designed logo will help to create a strong visual identity for your business and can even help to build brand loyalty among your target customers. The logo should be unique and recognisable, with a design that reflects the core values of your business. With a little thought and creativity, you can create a logo that perfectly represents your company and helps you to stand out from the competition.

Choosing the business logo - CAG

2. It’s important to choose a logo that is versatile and can be used in different mediums and formats

A logo should be versatile so that it can be used in different mediums and formats. For example, a business’s website, social media platforms, and marketing materials should all feature the same logo. This helps create a cohesive brand identity that customers can easily connect with. When choosing a logo, it is therefore important to consider how it will be used across different channels. By ensuring that the logo is versatile, businesses can ensure that their brand is always presented in the best light.

3. Your logo must be scalable, so it looks good both small and large

Your business logo needs to be scalable. A logo that looks great on a business card may lose its impact when displayed on billboards. Similarly, a logo that works well at full size may be hard to read when it’s reduced to fit on a website banner. By ensuring that your logo is scalable, you can be sure that it will always look its best, no matter the size.

4. Make sure the font and colours you choose are easy to read and look good together

When choosing a font and colour scheme for a business logo, it is important to consider the overall message the company wants to communicate. A friendly, approachable business might choose softer colours and rounder fonts, while a more serious company might opt for darker colours and sharp, angular fonts. Companies can ensure that their branding makes the right impression by carefully selecting the font and colours for a business logo.

Choosing the business logo - CAG

5. Use colours that represent your brand

The colours in a logo can play a big role in conveying the message of the brand. For example, green is often associated with nature, growth, and environmentalism. Blue may be seen as trustworthy and reliable. And red can signify excitement and energy. When choosing colours for your business logo, it’s important to consider what message you want to communicate to your customers. By carefully selecting colours representing your brand, you can create a logo that makes a strong impression and helps you stand out from the competition. If you have a brand guideline, then deciding on the colour and font will be easy.

6. Consider your target audience

When choosing a business logo, it is important to consider the target audience. What do they like? What are their values? What kind of image does the company want to project? Taking the time to answer these questions and do a brand analysis. This will help ensure that the logo is successful in attracting new customers and reinforcing the company’s brand identity.

7. Avoid trendy designs that might look dated in a few years

A business logo should be unique and immediately recognisable, conveying the essential message of the business. However, choosing a logo design that will stand the test of time is also important. Avoid following the latest trends or using trendy fonts or colours that might look dated in a few years. Instead, opt for a classic design that will convey a sense of stability and timelessness. With a little thought and care, you can choose a logo that will help your business build a strong and lasting brand.

8.Test out different logos before making a final decision

Choosing the perfect logo can be a difficult task. There are endless possibilities to choose from, and it can be tough to know if a logo is truly “right” for a business. That’s why it’s important to test different options before making a final decision. By trying out various designs, business owners can get a better sense of what works best for their company. Asking friends, peers and employees is a good way to understand what will work and what not. When we did a minor redesign on our logo sometime back, we narrowed down our choices to two options. The design team then sent out the two options to employees and asked them their favourite option. The one with the maximum votes became our new logo!

Choosing the business logo - CAG

Choosing the right logo for your business can be tricky, but with a little guidance, you can create a logo that accurately represents your brand and helps you stand out from the competition. If you need a new logo or want to update your existing logo, our branding expert team at Perth is here to help. We have years of experience creating visually appealing and professional logos that represent businesses of all sizes and industries. Get in touch with us today to discuss your branding needs, and we’ll work with you to create a logo that perfectly represents your business.

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