5 Minute HelpDesk – How to Create a Perfect Email Signature

5 Minute HelpDesk – How to Create a Perfect Email Signature

Email signature or email footer is a block of text which automatically gets inserted at the end of an email message you send. It does more than provide the recipient with your business contact information. It reinforces brand awareness and gives your business additional marketing opportunities, making it crucial for your business. So, how to create a perfect email signature for your business? Our IT helpdesk experts from Perth guide you on what you need to create a perfect email signature.

Email Signature is Your Online Business Card

Like business cards, email signatures also help you create a personal and significant impression and develop a foundation for future connections. Moreover, email signatures are among the most affordable marketing strategies that can expand reach, raise awareness, and develop trust in your business.

What Makes a Perfect Email Signature?

Contact Information

Your signature should provide basic information about you, including your name, company name, and professional title. It should include ways to contact you like your business website, at least one phone number and your professional social media profiles.
You can utilise social media icons to link your accounts to save space and drive traffic. Ensure the icons match the rest of your email signature.

A Logo or Image

Adding an image or logo is an excellent way to customise your signature. Make sure not to use more than 2 images, and the image file is small. Also, ensure the images go along with the rest of your email signature’s design.

Promote Fresh Content

Include a link to a new blog post, video or any new content in your email signature. This will display your proficiency, strengthen the authority and drive traffic to your content.


Add a call-to-action or CTA to your email signature. It is an ideal way to promote your content. You can use it to invite your recipients to view a video or blog, register for a future event, take a poll, enquire about your service etc.

Legal Requirements

If your country has particular legal requirements for business communications, check with your legal advisor and ensure your email signature meets all the requirements.

Coming Public Holidays

You can also add not more than a couple of coming up holidays. It gives a prior intimation to your recipients that you will be unavailable on those days.

Here are some DON’Ts for the perfectly branded signature

• Don’t overload your signature with text information
• Don’t add your personal social media profiles, website, phone number or address
• Don’t add Inspirational quotes, jokes, memes and GIFs
• Don’t use too much colour
• Don’t add too many social icons

Design Tips for Creating a Perfect Email Signature

How to create a perfect email signature | 5 Minute HelpDesk

Here are some tips on how to design a perfect email signature.

Be Concise

The contact information should be simple, neat and aesthetic. Select a few specific methods of contact; this way your recipients will know of your preferred contact method.

Mobile-friendly Design

Since most users use mobile devices to view their email, it’s essential to choose graphics and designs that are readable when viewed in small screens. Ensure the buttons you include in your signature are easy to select for mobile users.

Never Use an Image as Entire Signature

You can add your brand logo or your photo but never make your entire signature an image. It might not display properly. Also, if the contact details are part of an image, your recipients can’t copy them.

Email Signature Size

The advised maximum size for a desktop email signature is 700px (width) x 300px (height) and for mobile devices is 320px (width) x 600px (height). Also, ensure your signature is no more than 50KB.

Use Only One or Two Fonts

Too many fonts can make your email signature look unprofessional, distracting and difficult to read. You can make changes in font size, weight, and colour to highlight the texts accordingly.

Make It Colourful

A colour scheme that is compatible with your brand colours is ideal for your email signature. But be careful not to overdo it. Too many different colours can make your design look cluttered and sloppy.

Instead, choose a few specific colours that fit in with other branded materials such as your website, stationery, and business cards.

Visual Hierarchy

Use a design hierarchy to highlight the information according to priority. You can adjust the font size, bold, font colour, alignment, and space dividers. This way, you can gradually draw your recipients’ attention to the most important part of the content and make it simple to read.

Now you know how to create a perfect email signature. Once you’ve perfected your email signature, keep them updated. Check time to time to ensure all the phone numbers, links and other information are up to date. If you find any outdated content replace them as soon as possible.

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Jargon Buster

Responsive Design – a design approach where the created content will adjust smoothly to various screen sizes.
CTA – Call TAction – refers to the use of words or phrases that are incorporated into sales scripts, or web pages, which compel a visitor to act immediately.