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Why is customer experience important? - CAG

Why is Customer or User Experience Important

Traditionally customer experience has been limited to products and customer service. With highly competitive markets emerging in every industry, UX should be an all-pervasive element in your business. Whether you are an established or new business, a good customer experience across your organisation processes is important for a sustainable business.

What is A/B testing - CAG

What is A/B Testing and How to do it Right

How can you ensure that all the elements of your website, email marketing copy, online ad or any digital marketing strategy is performing at their best? With a useful tool called A/B testing. A/B testing is a great way to identify your weak areas, implement new strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of these changes in the long run. So, what is A/B testing?

What is evergreen content? - CAG

All You Need to Know about Evergreen Content

A successful SEO strategy is always driven by content. Content is king, after all. So, how can you build a website or a blog that consistently gets authoritative backlinks and organic traffic over time? With evergreen content. Is the concept novel to you? Don’t worry. Here’s all you need to know about evergreen content.

Why do content KPIs matter - The CAG - Perth

Content KPIs: What are they and why do they matter?

Content marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools that can give amazing ROI when done right. But can you measure something creative like content creation? Content marketing takes time to show results, but yes, the results can be measured. So, why do content KPIs matter? What are the common content KPIs and how can they be measured? Our team at Perth explains.

How to boost your customer retention rate - The CAG - Perth

How to boost your customer retention rate

Customer retention rates are crucial for any business. Converting new customers will be more time-consuming and expensive than gaining the trust of your existing customers. It is definitely worth investing more resources in customer loyalty programs if your retention rates are dipping. The five tips we’ve mentioned here will help you boost your customer retention,

LinkedIn vs Facebook for business - The CAG - Perth

LinkedIn vs Facebook- Which Suits Your Business Best?

The success of any online marketing campaign is dependent on the platforms it focuses on. With a wide range of social media channels available for you to make use of, the process of narrowing down a couple of focal points can be challenging. In this article, our team from Perth does a LinkedIn vs Facebook comparison to help you understand how marketing on these platforms differs from each other.

How to use LinkedIn for marketing - The Computing Australia Group - Perth

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Think social media, and chances are that LinkedIn rarely is the first thing that comes to mind. Which is a pity because, with over 600 million global users and counting, it is a powerful tool for marketing and lead generation.
In this article, our social media team from Perth explain the significance of LinkedIn and how to use it for marketing.