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Tips to improve PC performance | CA

Tips to Improve PC Performance

Nothing puts a damper on your work spirits like a slow PC. Waiting for 30 minutes for your PC to start responding is a productivity killer. Did you just think, “oh, I know how that feels”? It’s time you showed some love and attention to your PC. Here are 7 expert tips on how to improve your PC performance from our IT helpdesk in Perth.

Tips to create strong passwords | Computing Australia -Perth

Tips to Create Strong Passwords

Would you believe it if we told you “123456” was still the most popular password among internet users?
In the 21st century, where everyone grows up on the internet, browsing and typing their way through life, it is hard to believe passwords are still a neglected aspect of cybersecurity.
Are you looking for tips to create strong passwords for your digital accounts? Our experts from Perth are here to help you. But first…

Best email productivity tips | 7 Email Productivity Tips

7 Email Productivity Tips – Microsoft Outlook

Most of us start and end the workday by checking our emails. At times emails can get hard to manage and can even stand in the way of getting work done. You can avoid this and also free up some extra time by implementing a few changes to your email management. So, here are 7 best email productivity tips to maximise productivity and enhance the efficient use of Microsoft Outlook.

Does SSL mean a website is secure? | Computing Australia

SSL Does Not Mean A Website Is Secure

The SSL encryption can defend against hackers who’re trying to intrude on your internet activity and also protect your data. But that doesn’t mean all the SSL certified sites are safe; even cybercriminals use encryption now. They use SSL to hide malware, and if your firewall isn’t scanning SSL-encrypted traffic, then your network is vulnerable.

Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint | Computing Australia

10 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application that allows you to store, organise, securely share, and access information from any device. The SharePoint platform consists of SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server & SharePoint Workspace. It is built in a way to make it reliable, scalable, secure, and compatible for the users.

Products to Make a Lefty’s Life Easier | Computing Australia

Products to Make a Lefty’s Life Easier

International Left-hander’s Day is celebrated on August 13th every year – a day for lefties in a lopsided’ world in favour of right-handers. But that doesn’t make lefties any less talented. Think Allan Border, Nicole Kidman, Tony Abbott (the politician, not the author); there’s a whole list of talented lefty Australians.

Business Apps for the iPad Pro | Computing Australia

Best Business Apps for the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro with its processing power and giant screen can now be seen as a good alternative to working on a standard laptop. To maximize productivity and use it to the full potential, you need to use business apps. This article showcases a few of our favourite business apps for iPad Pro that let you increase productivity, improve workflows, and manage time effectively.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Time is one of the biggest limitations for small business owners. There just isn’t enough to go around! Computerized processes and automation save time, but there are small changes to how you work with computers that can save you that extra time. Did you know that using keyboard shortcuts rather than the mouse can save you about 8 workdays per year?