How to Disable or Uninstall Browser Extensions | 5 Minute HelpDesk

5 Minute HelpDesk – How to Disable or Uninstall Browser Extensions

You may have installed different extensions to add additional features to your browser. But did you know too many extensions can slow down your browser? Want to disable or uninstall the extensions in your web browser that you no longer want to use? Our IT helpdesk from Perth shows you how to disable or uninstall browser extensions for various browsers.

How to Back up and Migrate Your Bookmarks | 5 Minute HelpDesk

5 Minute HelpDesk – How to Back Up and Migrate Bookmarks to a Different Web browser?

In a previous helpdesk blog, we saw how to change the default search engine of various browsers. When you change your browser, you would also want to migrate your bookmarks. Luckily, you can easily transfer by following some simple steps. Our IT experts from Perth help you on how to back up and migrate your bookmarks to various browsers.

Best Productivity Apps to improve productivity | Computing Australia

The BIG Guide to Productivity Apps

Mobile phones are no longer just phones; they are constant companions. For most people, it is the last thing they look at before going to sleep, and the first thing their eyes seek when they wake up in the morning. Smartphones are not used for just personal purposes; they are increasingly involved in the workplace too.