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Do Website Themes Affect SEO?

Do website themes affect SEO?”- this question has been circulating on the internet after a video that Google recently published. In the short clip, Google’s John Mueller says that website themes do have an impact on SEO, and they’re not just “a splash of colour on top of a finished structure.” This is why Codesquad is particular about the theme we choose for client websites. Let’s see what our SEO team has to say about the significance of website themes and how they affect SEO. Read on!

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How to Find the Right Web Developer For Your Website

Websites are an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. A well-designed, A well-designed, fully optimised and highly functional website is the best marketing. So, how can you find the right web development company in Perth? By asking the right questions, of course! Here’s what you should be asking a web developer before getting into a web development project.

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What’s new in WordPress 5.8

With its release on July 20th, 2021, WordPress 5.8 comes with an impressive line-up of advanced features and bug fixes. The latest update also introduces Full site editing – this is just the beginning, so you can expect lots of features and improvements in later versions. So,what’s new in WordPress 5.8? Let’s take a deeper dive into the highlights of WordPress 5.8.

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Top Reasons To NOT Build Your Own Website

The amount of time and money wasted to maintain a DIY website can steal the attention that your business needs. Your website is the first place a potential lead will check to know more about your products, services, and your brand as a whole. The first impression matters, and to create an impactful impression, you should put time and effort into your website. While the thought of building a website on your own in a couple of hours is an attractive option, perfection takes time. Here are the top reasons to NOT build your website on your own.

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Best Content Management Systems

Want to start a website? A successful online presence is backed by informative, interactive content. If content is king, content management system is the minister advising and guiding the king. Our web development specialists from Perth list here some of the best content management systems in the market that will help take your website to the next level.

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What is AMP and How to Optimise it?

You are browsing using your phone for a product and found a site you were interested in. You opened it and realised it takes ages to load. So, you got frustrated and went back to search for a better one. We all have experienced it, right! And this is precisely where AMP comes to the rescue.