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15 Essential Free WordPress Plugins for your Business Website

WordPress is no longer used just as a CMS for blogs. More and more web designers and developers are using WP to create web pages for small and big companies. WordPress is highly flexible and easily customizable, and there are over 55,000+ plugins and counting to get you the maximum benefit out of your WP site. Here is a list of 15 free WordPress plugins that work great for business sites.

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WordPress SEO in 5 mins – What is orphaned content?

Content creation is only half the marketing process – for people to discover your content, search engines must find and index it first. In SEO, “Orphaned content” is the term used for such unlinked content. Our experts from Perth explain everything you need to know about orphaned content: what is orphaned content, and why is it significant in SEO?

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10 Types of Websites You Can Build Using WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform and accounts for over 30% of active websites on the internet right now. In a digital era when there are countless CMS options available on the market, WordPress is still the leader of CMS platforms. Why is this so? WordPress is open-source and has an arsenal of features and functions that make it a near-perfect tool for creating a wide range of websites. From small brands to international organisations, WordPress websites are everywhere. So, what types of websites can you build using WordPress? But before that, let’s briefly take a look at what makes WordPress so popular.

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Tips To Improve Off-Page SEO

Brand recognition and steady, organic traffic mark a solid online presence. Despite having effective on-page SEO, at times, your website can fail to achieve the desired rankings.
Off-page SEO is crucial in raising brand awareness to attract more traffic. So, how can you do that? Our experts at Perth have created a guide for you to refer to when you need tips to improve off-page SEO. But first…

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What’s new in WordPress 5.8

With its release on July 20th, 2021, WordPress 5.8 comes with an impressive line-up of advanced features and bug fixes. The latest update also introduces Full site editing – this is just the beginning, so you can expect lots of features and improvements in later versions. So,what’s new in WordPress 5.8? Let’s take a deeper dive into the highlights of WordPress 5.8.

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Best Social Media WordPress Plugins

You are reading an amazing new blog article and decide to share it on your social media handles. What do you do? Look for a share button for Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp, right! On a WordPress website, these buttons are included with the help of social media (SM) plugins. Our SM specialists list here the best social media WordPress plugins that can enhance your website functionality.