10 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

10 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application that allows you to store, organise, securely share, and access information from any device. The SharePoint platform consists of SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server & SharePoint Workspace. It is built in a way to make it reliable, scalable, secure, and compatible for the users. In this article, our IT helpdesk team in Perth tells you why it is an excellent working platform that improves efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint | Computing Australia

Here are the 10 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint.

  1. Integrated Multifunctional Platform

The most enticing SharePoint benefit is its flexibility and multi-functionality. It is integrated with client desktop applications, e-mail and web browsers allowing the users to have a simple and consistent way to interact with content, processes, and business data. This platform functions as an intranet for the organisation, making collaboration much more accessible. SharePoint also allows administrators to assign different permission levels depending on the user’s status.

  1. Customisation

SharePoint allows you to customise features according to your business needs by providing unique sets of tools. This way, your web development team can build custom elements and customise the entire application’s interface to improve the working experience.

  1. Easy Administration

SharePoint gives the administrators complete control to effectively maintain the entire platform. With the Central Administration (CA) Console administrators can quickly access operations, including security settings, back up sites and site data, update privileges and perform restorations on a single dashboard.

  1. Accessible Document Management

SharePoint lets you organise your business information in an easily accessible manner. A sleek flow of information and cloud storage which is accessible even by mobile devices increases the productivity of the workers. You can share files by a simple click or touch of a button in SharePoint.

  1. Website Consolidation

SharePoint lets you consolidate the internet and intranet sites into one platform. This way, you can make it easier to access and manage all your sites in one place.

  1. Robust Security System

SharePoint has advanced security features making it secure from unauthorised access. This includes authentication enhancements, access/editing privileges which can be set at the document or item level and following SharePoint security best practices.

The collaboration applications protect sensitive data by configuring different settings for managing permission to share, store, and audit data and meet compliance requirements.

  1. Content Management

The social networking in SharePoint enables easy sharing of ideas, updates, and content. This way, you can easily prepare and schedule content for publishing on various websites on the internet and social platforms. Users can post Office documents and share it within or outside the organisation from any device. Users can also create, edit, and convert documents between formats like Word and PDF.

  1. Integration with Existing Apps

You can integrate SharePoint with your existing business applications. It will work smoothly with your Microsoft Office Suite, MS Exchange Server and many other back-office systems and previous versions.  SharePoint online works well with most web browsers.

  1. Streamlines Business Process

A collaboration platform like Microsoft SharePoint makes it possible to collect and organise data in one place. You can create business intelligence portals to manage and display business data (Information from suppliers, communication with customers, etc.) on dashboards or scorecards. This helps workers make better decisions, track and trace preferences of the consumer and predict fluctuations in demand and supply.

  1. Quick Collection of Data

You can collect time-sensitive and critical data from customers, suppliers, and others through electronic forms. The data from the web browsers can be easily integrated into the back end. There are built-in data validation rules to help avoid errors from data entry.

Microsoft SharePoint is now more secure, scalable, collaborative, intuitive and customisable than its previous versions; allowing to increase productivity and reducing costs for different business operations. Interested to know more about SharePoint or want to deploy it for your business? Our IT helpdesk in Perth is 24/7 ready to support you. Contact us or email at helpdesk@computingaustralia.group for IT support.

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Jargon Buster

Intranet – a computer network for operating systems, information collaboration and other computing functions within an organisation; and inaccessible for those outside the organisation.
Scalable – able to change in size to handle growing amount (scale-up) or decreasing amount (scale-down) of work.
Interface – in computing, a device or program which allows information exchange between software, hardware, humans, or combinations of these.