Tips to improve PC performance | CA

Tips to Improve PC Performance

Nothing puts a damper on your work spirits like a slow PC. Waiting for 30 minutes for your PC to start responding is a productivity killer. Did you just think, “oh, I know how that feels”? It’s time you showed some love and attention to your PC. Here are 7 expert tips on how to improve your PC performance from our IT helpdesk in Perth.

What is online tracking | CA

What is Online Tracking and How do Websites do it?

It is a well-known fact that websites track you when you browse online. The continuous advertisements that follow you after you search for a similar product just once indicate that something on the web is observing your browsing patterns. This allows for a lot of misinformation and unwarranted fear to spread across the internet. Our Perth cybersecurity team tries to throw some light on the topic.

What is spear-phishing | Computing Australia

What is Spear-Phishing?

We live in a fast-paced world that becomes more digitally progressive as each day passes. Spear-phishing is a type of phishing- a common cyber-attack that affects around 75% of businesses around the globe every year. The first step to protecting yourself and your business against any cybercrime is awareness. To help you with that, our experts at Perth have created an extensive guide on what spear-phishing is and how you can combat it. Read on.

How to avoid smishing and vishing | Computing Australia

Smishing and Vishing: How To Avoid Them?

You’re enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon tea after a long, Anonymous callers ring you up to ask you for mailing addresses and credit card details for gifts of competitions you’ve never heard of before.
This technique is referred to as smishing and vishing. Our cybersecurity team at Perth has created a guide to protect you from the dangerous traps of cyberattacks

What is layered security? | 5 Types of Phishing Emails

What is Layered Security & How Does it Defend Your Network?

Conducting business activities online opens the doors to a host of risks starting from data theft. There is no alternative to cybersecurity to keep your business protected in the networked world. Here is a glance at all you need to know on what is layered security, compiled by our cybersecurity specialists from Perth.

How Do I Fix a Laptop that Won’t Turn On? | Computing Australia

5 Minute HelpDesk – How to Fix a Laptop that Won’t Turn On?

Is your laptop not turning on? If you own a PC, it is impossible to have not come across this issue at least once. There can be many reasons why your laptop won’t turn on – faulty power button, battery or power cord issues, overheating or even internal component issues. Here are a few tips to fix a laptop that won’t turn on.

What to look for in NOC provider? | Computing Australia

What Should You Look For in a Network Operations Centre Provider?

Network Operations Centres or NOC’s, operate from a central location to provide IT services that monitor and manage endpoints. Endpoints for a company typically include servers, workstations and networks, and can have an extended meaning to include databases and firewall. NOCs are the first line of defence against cyber incidents.

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