What to look for in NOC provider? | Computing Australia

What Should You Look For in a Network Operations Centre Provider?

Network Operations Centres or NOC’s, operate from a central location to provide IT services that monitor and manage endpoints. Endpoints for a company typically include servers, workstations and networks, and can have an extended meaning to include databases and firewall. NOCs are the first line of defence against cyber incidents.

What are botnets | How do They Work? | Computing Australia

What are Botnets and How do They Work?

A bunch of university students, initially targeted vulnerable IoT devices to create a powerful botnet. But with the code being posted online, other criminal minds are already at work building and modifying the code for bigger and more dangerous attacks. So, what are botnets and how do they work?

Why are Software Updates and Patches Essential? | Computing Australia

Why Software Updates and Patches are Essential?

We live in a digital world. From a small-scale business to multinationals and Government services, every organisation uses computers and other electronic devices to stay connected. As all these applications and systems run on software, it is crucial that they are updated. In this article, our cybersecurity experts from Perth will discuss why software updates and patches are essential.