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About Gordon Murdoch

Gordon is the Service Delivery Manager at The Computing Australia Group, he is responsible for the delivery of all Computing Australia technical support services. It is a busy portfolio to manage as we have a lot of techs and our clients generate thousands of new tickets every day. If you are looking for a tech company that is passionate about service delivery, give Computing Australia a go. Many of our clients have been with us for all of our last 20 years of operation which is something we are all proud of here.

How To Prevent Ex-employees From Compromising Your Business

In a previous post, we have spoken about how employee mobiles can pose a security risk. But what about ex-employees? They are one of the biggest threats to small and medium-sized businesses. Ex-employees can cause threats to your business unknowingly or with malicious intent. It is important to understand how to prevent ex-employees from compromising your business to keep your business secure.

SSL Does Not Mean A Website Is Secure

The SSL encryption can defend against hackers who're trying to intrude on your internet activity and also protect your data. But that doesn't mean all the SSL certified sites are safe; even cybercriminals use encryption now. They use SSL to hide malware, and if your firewall isn't scanning SSL-encrypted traffic, then your network is vulnerable.

5-Minute HelpDesk -How do I Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook?

We receive frequent calls from panicked customers when they accidentally delete emails from Outlook. You don’t need to panic because deleted mails can be recovered. Did you know that emails emptied from the ‘deleted folder’ can also be retrieved in some cases? Our IT helpdesk in Perth shows you how.

10 Sure Ways You’re Most Likely To Get Hacked

Hackers are always trying to find weaknesses in your business, and when found, they will attack. A cyberattack causes immense loss to a business – time, money, goodwill, trust of customers and for small businesses, sometimes the loss of business itself.

Dangers Lurking Behind Unknown USB Devices

USB devices are external hard drives and flash drives that are small, inexpensive, and portable, which are used widely for storing and transferring files from one device to another. However, the same features make them attractive and popular among cybercriminals. They use USB devices to distribute malicious and spreadable malware onto your devices.

Why Cyber Security Needs More Focus Than Ever

In recent months we are witnessing a sharp uptick in the number of cybersecurity events all over Australia. In September, this year, Defense Minister Linda Reynolds warned that we are facing a “new normal”, as Australia released its first cybersecurity threat report which indicated 4,500 hacking attempts in a day. While we may have thwarted many hundreds of direct attacks both locally and overseas, we must remain vigilant.

5 Minute HelpDesk – Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Have you ever trashed or burned an important paper, knowingly or by accident, only to realise later that you actually needed it? That happens with digital files too! But luckily you can retrieve deleted electronic data. Our IT HelpDesk from Perth tells you how you can recover lost or deleted files in Windows in a few steps.

5 Minute HelpDesk – Archive Older Emails Automatically in Office 365

Emails have a way of filling your inbox quickly. New mails, replies, chain mails, forwards, FYIs – your Outlook inbox can spiral out of control before you even realise it. It is crucial to keep your inbox neat to manage your mails better and avoid confusion and missed mails. Archiving old emails automatically can take a load off your inbox and unclutter your mind at the same time.

10 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application that allows you to store, organise, securely share, and access information from any device. The SharePoint platform consists of SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server & SharePoint Workspace. It is built in a way to make it reliable, scalable, secure, and compatible for the users.

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