The importance of digital risk protection | Computing Australia

What is Digital Risk Protection and Why is it Important?

Every constituent of the digital universe has two sides like a coin. As each new technology is introduced to the world, a new digital risk emerges. Whether it’s because of the novel implementation of the technology or the users’ lack of knowledge about it, digital threats cause considerable damage to any business. So, what do you do? Adopt Digital Risk Protection (DRP). What is Digital Risk Protection and why is it important for your business? Our Perth cybersecurity team answers.

Information Security vs Cybersecurity | CA

Information Security vs Cybersecurity – What Does your Business Need

If you are surprised by that title, you are not alone. Cybersecurity and Information Security are often treated as synonyms. Even though they differ in the scopes, they are so similar in purpose that these two terms are used interchangeably even by experts in the digital world. To help you out, our experts from Perth have created a simple guide on Information Security vs Cybersecurity, and what does your business need.

What is online tracking | CA

What is Online Tracking and How do Websites do it?

It is a well-known fact that websites track you when you browse online. The continuous advertisements that follow you after you search for a similar product just once indicate that something on the web is observing your browsing patterns. This allows for a lot of misinformation and unwarranted fear to spread across the internet. Our Perth cybersecurity team tries to throw some light on the topic.

Tips to create strong passwords | Computing Australia -Perth

Tips to Create Strong Passwords

Would you believe it if we told you “123456” was still the most popular password among internet users?
In the 21st century, where everyone grows up on the internet, browsing and typing their way through life, it is hard to believe passwords are still a neglected aspect of cybersecurity.
Are you looking for tips to create strong passwords for your digital accounts? Our experts from Perth are here to help you. But first…

What is end-to-end Encryption?

You must have come across the term “end-to-end” encryption multiple times while using web applications such as WhatsApp. From the context, it’s often clear it is a privacy and safety feature. But have you wondered what end-to-end encryption actually means? How does it work, and why is it important? Read on to learn what is end-to-end encryption.

What is the dark web | Computing Australia | Perth

What is the Dark Web?

The “dark web” is a term that’s often repeated in movies and conspiracy theories. It sounds mysterious and a bit dangerous, right? Should you be scared of accidentally stepping into the dark web when you’re casually browsing the internet? Our cybersecurity ninjas from Perth are here to put your mind at ease. So let’s get right on the topic.

Cybersecurity guide | Computing Australia | Perth

The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity

Internet is the lifeblood of the modern era. As the digital space becomes more advanced and integrates further into the day-to-day lives, there arises a question of safety. Cybersecurity acts as the armour that protects your privacy and all personal information. So what exactly is cybersecurity, and why you should care about it? Here’s a comprehensive cybersecurity guide to help you protect your and your customers’ data.

What are zero-day attacks | Computing Australia - perth

What are Zero-day Attacks?

Zero-day attacks are a comparatively lesser-known type of cyberattack that exploits zero-day vulnerabilities in software. These attacks can be dangerous due to their unpredictable nature. In this article, our cybersecurity team explains zero-day attacks and how you can identify and protect yourself from them.

What are denial-of-service (DoS) attacks | Computing Australia

What are Denial-Of-Service (Dos) Attacks?

In the next article on the different types of cyberattacks, our cybersecurity team talks about an increasingly common threat – Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. DoS attacks are among the wide range of criminal activities that became more common after 2020. So, what are DoS attacks? How can you prevent them? Let’s find out.

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