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Webcam Security tips to protect yourself - CAG

Has your webcam security been compromised? Here are 6 tips to protect yourself

Most of us know the story about Mark Zuckerberg covering his laptop’s webcam and mic with tape. Taking the cue, many people started covering their cams and mics – after all, it is a simple and quite effective way to prevent hackers from spying on you. As our Perth cybersecurity team always says, awareness is the first step. So, here’s the first step.

Why is disaster recovery important - CAG

Why You Must Protect Your Business with Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies

Every business is data-driven. As everything goes digital, data is money. Data loss directly translates into revenue, productivity and reputation loss. Data loss can happen due to various reasons such as cyber-attacks, natural disasters, machine malfunction or even human error. No matter what industry you are engaged in, data loss can be bad news for your business.

What is ransomware-as-a-service - CAG

What is Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)?

Yes, that is right. Some ransomware developers sell malware as a service. As always, when the digital space advances, so do cybercrime. Ransomware attacks are now in the headlines for causing disruptions in various industries and across nations. So, what is Raas? Is it possible to protect your company from it? Read on.

Tips to keep your data secure - CAG

Tips to keep your Data Secure

Data security has become vital as newer and more sophisticated digital threats emerge almost every other day. While user-centric data security and privacy regulations are definitely the need of the hour, there are some data security steps that you can follow as an organisation and individual. Our cybersecurity experts from Perth explain seven efficient tips to keep your data secure.

What is Digital Risk Protection | The Computing Australia Group

What is Digital Risk Protection and Why is it Important?

Every constituent of the digital universe has two sides like a coin. As each new technology is introduced to the world, a new digital risk emerges. Whether it’s because of the novel implementation of the technology or the users’ lack of knowledge about it, digital threats cause considerable damage to any business. So, what do you do? Adopt Digital Risk Protection (DRP). What is Digital Risk Protection and why is it important for your business? Our Perth cybersecurity team answers.

Information Security vs Cybersecurity | CA

Information Security vs Cybersecurity – What Does your Business Need

If you are surprised by that title, you are not alone. Cybersecurity and Information Security are often treated as synonyms. Even though they differ in the scopes, they are so similar in purpose that these two terms are used interchangeably even by experts in the digital world. To help you out, our experts from Perth have created a simple guide on Information Security vs Cybersecurity, and what does your business need.

What is online tracking | CA

What is Online Tracking and How do Websites do it?

It is a well-known fact that websites track you when you browse online. The continuous advertisements that follow you after you search for a similar product just once indicate that something on the web is observing your browsing patterns. This allows for a lot of misinformation and unwarranted fear to spread across the internet. Our Perth cybersecurity team tries to throw some light on the topic.