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Most Common E-Commerce Website Mistakes to Avoid

Running a business can be a rollercoaster full of twists and turns, highs and lows. One moment you’re on the top, enjoying a picture-perfect serene moment and the next, a shocking obstacle could push you into a freefall. Here are the common e-commerce mistakes you should avoid for a successful online business.

How to improve your e-commerce checkout page - The CAG - Perth

How To Improve Your E-commerce Checkout Page

Did you know that 7 out of 10 customers abandon purchases after reaching the checkout page? You can earn high conversion rates by improving your checkout page and making the checkout process easy for your customers. How can you do this? Here’s a guide created by our experts from Perth on how you can improve an e-commerce checkout page.

How to use e-commerce funnels to boost sales - The CAG

Ecommerce Funnels – How to Use them Effectively to Boost Sales

SALES! The success – determining factor of every e-commerce business. For the same reason, converting a visitor to a lead and then to a paying customer is the holy quest every SEO and marketing strategist is after. This might seem like a challenging task. But thanks to e-commerce funnels or conversion funnels, one of the brilliant strategies for boosting e-commerce sales can make it possible.

How to Optimise Your e-commerce Site for Mobile-first - The CAG

How to Optimise Your E-commerce Site for Mobile-first

More than half of online shoppers use mobiles to make purchases. This percentage is steadily rising. If that is not enough to get you on the mobile-first bandwagon, there is Google’s mobile-first indexing coming in March 2021. Our web development experts from Perth tell you how to optimise your e-commerce for mobile-first.

Tips for a Successful E-Commerce Website - The CAG

21 Tips for a Successful E-Commerce Website

An eCommerce site helps you to connect with more customers, build your brand and ultimately drive more sales. As the eCommerce space gets increasingly competitive, your online store must be optimised for maximum conversion. Whether you already have an eCommerce site or are building a new one, you want your site to make customers take action.

Why Your Business Should be Online - Ecommerce - The CAG

Ecommerce – Why Your Business Should be Online

The brick and mortar retail store vs online retail store debate has been around for quite some time, and the Coronavirus pandemic has added a new dimension to it. Online retail sales are at an all-time high and are set to grow. While its certainly not the end of brick and mortar stores, online sales have come a long way from being ‘just a fad’ and are rising at a steady pace.

12 Top WooCommerce Plugins to Make the Client Experience Pop

12 WooCommerce Plugins to Make the Client Experience Pop

In this article we will be discussing WooCommerce Plugins that add a little something to the client experience. WooCommerce comes with thousands of free add-ons and plug-ins. They enable you to add new features to your online store, keep it up-to-date and running the way you want to, and also enhance your customer experience.