Products to Make a Lefty’s Life Easier

International Left-hander’s Day is celebrated on August 13th every year – a day for lefties in a lopsided’ world in favour of right-handers. But that doesn’t make lefties any less talented. Think Allan Border, Nicole Kidman, Tony Abbott (the politician, not the author); there’s a whole list of talented lefty Australians. While the world, in general, is now more accepting of left-handedness, most things are manufactured for right-handed use. Not surprising, since lefties make up approximately 10% of the population only.

Here are some great products on and some other sites like Amazon to make your life easier.

The ideal office pen for southpaws. The quick-drying ink prevents smudging, which is a common issue with left-handed writing. Available in multi-coloured inks.

Price: $6.00

The unique shape allows you to see what is being written. The excellent grip lets you write smoothly and consistently.


If you like to flaunt a classy fountain pen, this Made in Europe premium pen is what you are looking for. Iridium tips ensure smooth writing.


One of the most comfortable scissors for left-handers with non-slip grips. Perfect for use around the office.


Specially designed for the left-handed executive with the notepad on the left side. This classy real leather folder comes with an A4 notepad and UniJetstream Pen. An ideal gift for a lefty friend.


Ideal for task lists and short notes for use while at work or around the house.


If you like to go around the house or yard prodding and tinkering with things, there are some useful tools from – from safety knives, trowels to micrometers.

If you have or know a lefty kid, make their life easier with a whole range of school essentials – scissors, notebooks, pens, pencils and more.

Full-size Thinline Acoustic Guitar for the music-loving lefty. A beautiful high gloss finish gives the guitar a classy look. Available on Amazon.
You can also find a whole range of guitars for the left-handers on

Left-Hander’s Celebration Pack

Celebrate being a lefty. Remember you are one of just 10% of the population. Or gift it to a friend. The pack contains a mobile phone holder, fridge magnets, coffee mugs, left-handed screwdriver and more.

Mouse and Keyboard for lefties stumped by right-handed tech

This is one of the most left-hand friendly keyboards. The numeric keypad is on the left side. The ergonomic design helps relieve your wrists, and arms of repetition caused stress.

Computing Australia for IT services in Perth can help you get the ‘right’ keyboard for your left-handed use.

Price: $109.00


Patented shape mouse designed for left-hand use. Fully supports the hand while using the mouse.


While it is now a lot easier to find things for left-handers, tech gadgets are still catching up. For any technology or IT related gadgets or services in Perth, you can contact us, and we’ll help you get the IT products designed just for you. Right-handers are welcome.

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