Archive older items automatically in Office – 5 Minute Help Desk

5 Minute HelpDesk – Archive Older Emails Automatically in Office 365

Emails have a way of filling your inbox quickly. New mails, replies, chain mails, forwards, FYIs – your Outlook inbox can spiral out of control before you even realise it. It is crucial to keep your inbox neat to manage your mails better and avoid confusion and missed mails. Archiving old emails automatically can take a load off your inbox and unclutter your mind at the same time.

How do I setup gmail in Microsoft Outlook | 5 Minute Help Desk

5 Minute Help Desk – How to Setup Gmail in Microsoft Outlook

We bring you a new series ‘5 Minute Help Desk’ on the most common requests that our helpdesk deal with. We will give you simple steps on how to solve those issues. But if you prefer talking to us directly, we are of course just a call or email away. Here is the first article in the series –These steps are the same whether it’s the first Gmail account or additional Gmail accounts being added to Outlook.