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How to stop Outlook from saving emails in the sent folder | CA

5 Min HelpDesk- How to Stop Outlook From Saving Emails in the Sent Folder

Microsoft Outlook is one of the commonly used email communication, especially for official communications. The application is famous for its ease of use, convenient settings and wide range of customization options. However, it can also be an inconvenience at times. Do you want to learn how to stop Outlook from saving emails in the Sent Items folder? Read on.

Which email is the best for my business? | Computing Australia

Which Email Solution is Best for My Business?

Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are the best and most popular email solutions in use right now. They may look similar at a glance. But Outlook and Gmail work in different ways. Deciding which email is the best for your business depends a lot on your requirements. Here’s a quick summary guide on the differences between the two to help you find the best solution.

How do I recover deleted emails in Outlook? - Computing Australia

5-Minute HelpDesk -How do I Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook?

We receive frequent calls from panicked customers when they accidentally delete emails from Outlook. You don’t need to panic because deleted mails can be recovered. Did you know that emails emptied from the ‘deleted folder’ can also be retrieved in some cases? Our IT helpdesk in Perth shows you how.

How do I share Outlook mobile calendar | 5 Minute Help Desk

5 Minute HelpDesk – How do I Share My Outlook Calendar?

If you are somebody who is busy with meetings all day, you may have faced schedule clashes sometime or the other. A calendar helps you keep tabs on everything within your business. A shared calendar makes it even easier to organise. Sharing your calendar with your teammates can make it simple to plan schedules, save time and avoid schedule collisions.

How do I set an out of office reply in Outlook | Computing Australia

5 Minute HelpDesk – How do I set up an Out of Office or Automatic Reply in Outlook?

Setting an out of office reply on your emails is considered basic professional etiquette. Anyone who sends you a mail will be informed of your absence, and they can take alternate steps. In this article, our IT HelpDesk in Perth shows you how you can set up an automatic out of office reply in outlook.