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Faceted Navigation and SEO – Best Practices

Faceted navigation, parametric search, or faceted search is a technique that website designers use to help users find information on a website. It allows users to filter results by category, which can improve the user experience and also help with search engine optimisation (SEO). However, it can also hurt your SEO if not used correctly.

How to begin SEO for new small businesses

How to begin SEO for new small businesses

Employee experience is essential for the successful running of any business process. The technology used across processes in your business is an important factor that determines how good or bad the employee experience is. An outdated or complex technological set-up not only affects business output but impacts the overall employee experience too.

How to improve your conversion rate optimisation - CAG

Tips to Improve your website’s Conversion Rate Optimisation

Is your conversion rate not meeting expectations? It can be due to a number of reasons – wrong buyer persona, a lengthy form to fill, unoptimised CTA, bad UX and much more. Analyse your site, find the problem areas and fix them to improve your site’s conversion rates. In this article, our Perth SEO team gives you useful tips to improve your conversion rate optimisation.

Website redesign checklist for SEO - CAG

Redeveloping your Website? Here’s an SEO Checklist to Follow

Website designs evolve constantly. What was a best practice a few years ago may be outdated today. This is why SEOs recommend redesigning your website once every few years to keep up with evolving technology and customer expectations. Sure, it involves cost, but a redesigned website can improve your traffic and conversion rates.

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Does Link Velocity Make a Difference to Your SERP Ranking?

Backlinks are an important SEO factor. They help search engines understand the authority and relevancy of a webpage. A good SEO strategy should therefore include link building. Clients frequently ask us about link velocity and whether it will affect rankings. So, here’s a quick look at link velocity and whether it is important for SERP rankings.

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How to use Inbound Links for Higher Rankings

All business owners want their websites to rank high in SERPs. With the help of trained professionals, they try to optimize their pages for the search engine so the users can find them easily. Our SEO experts from Perth explain all you need to know about inbound links and how to use them to achieve higher rankings.

What are outbound links - CAG

What You Should Know About Outbound Links

Outbound links are one of the most underused SEO tactics. Why should I link out to somebody else’s website and give them a valuable inbound link, right? Well, outbound links play a role in gaining authenticity for your own site too. How? Why do they matter in SEO? How can you use them for your website? Read more.

What is evergreen content? - CAG

All You Need to Know about Evergreen Content

A successful SEO strategy is always driven by content. Content is king, after all. So, how can you build a website or a blog that consistently gets authoritative backlinks and organic traffic over time? With evergreen content. Is the concept novel to you? Don’t worry. Here’s all you need to know about evergreen content.

What is black hat SEO - CAG

What is Black Hat SEO?

SEO is crucial for the success of any digital marketing strategy. Anybody promising you fast results is probably using unacceptable techniques. At times, these techniques can fall into the Black Hat SEO category. So, what is black hat SEO? Why do real SEO experts advise you against it? Our SEO team at Perth explains.