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Perth IT Audits

Perth IT Audits? Computing Australia help provide business owners and IT managers a detailed, independent review of their IT infrastructure and systems.

Our experienced consultants can conduct a detailed needs analysis to determine the suitability of the present setup and your readiness for future business needs.

We also offer a cyber security assessment to identify business risk and prepare a plan for mitigating any concerns.

A Computing Australia IT Audit puts you in the know.


A Computing Australia IT Audit is a totally independent voice. We have nothing invested and can give you a frank assessment of your IT system:

  • health
  • security and resilience
  • compliance to industry standards
  • operational costs
  • suitability to business needs
  • documentation
  • staff usage
  • recommended improvements

Non confrontational

Just like any audit process, IT audits can be confronting for people but we make it a smooth, non-confrontational process.

Our consultants work hand in hand with your own internal IT department and / or your external IT providers.

The emphasis of our work is remediation. We provide your team an itemised list of recommendations that can help to improve your systems overall.

We also provide a safe second set of eyes to look over IT proposals from other companies to determine there suitability to your future business needs and establish the best value for your investment.

Computing Australia IT Auditing Service
An independent team you can rely on

Get a truly independent 360° view of your IT systems from the top down
No stone left unturned to help you maximise the value of your IT investment

Computing Australia IT Auditing Service
An independent team you can rely on

No stone left unturned to help you maximise the value of your IT investment
Get a truly independent 360° view of your IT systems from the top down

Anatomy of an audit

The Computing Australia consulting team make the audit process straightforward and easy.

Initial Meeting

The first meeting introduces your team to our consultants. We give you a rundown of our methods and a list of our requirements that may include:

  • Admin passwords
  • Documentation
  • Key IT contacts

Consultative Process

Depending on the type of audit you have requested (internal, external) the consultative process can take various forms. Usually there is a combination of remote work and onsite work. The process is non-disruptive and inclusive.


At the conclusion of the consult, we provide you a full report that outlines our findings and recommendations. Your consultant will also conduct a briefing session to explain the findings.


After you have received the auditor’s report, we make ourselves available to conduct a follow up audit to determine if the issues we identify have been resolved.

Benefits of Computing Australia IT Audits

There are many benefits to undertaking an IT audit of your business.

Benefits include:

  • get a second opinion
  • identify hidden security risks
  • check the integrity of your data backups
  • establish if you are getting value for money
  • see if you are compliant with regulations
  • verify IT governance

The best part is that a Computing Australia audit usually pays for itself – the benefits far outweigh the cost.


All IT audits are conducted under strict commercial confidence.

If you choose, we can also conduct the full audit under total secrecy and have us report strictly as required.

Have you been a victim of cyber crime?

The Computing Australia team can help to identify the vulnerabilities that led to the cyber security event. We can also put together a plan to secure your business so that you never face a similar event again.

Perth IT Audits. To arrange an audit, contact us today.

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