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What are core web vitals | CA

What are core web vitals, and why are they important to your website?

Core web vitals are a set of real-world metrics measuring user experience when browsing a website. They are based on Google’s Core Web Vitals, which include Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). These core vitals indicate how quickly and smoothly your web page loads and responds to user interactions.

How to structure a blog post | CA

How to structure a blog post

Blogging is an excellent way to share information and experiences with a broad audience. To get the most out of your blog post, it’s important to style it for maximum engagement and SEO. This can be achieved through careful word choice and structure, including breaking up text into easily digestible chunks such as short paragraphs, lists, headlines, and images.

What is the dark web | Computing Australia | Perth

What is the Dark Web?

The “dark web” is a term that’s often repeated in movies and conspiracy theories. It sounds mysterious and a bit dangerous, right? Should you be scared of accidentally stepping into the dark web when you’re casually browsing the internet? Our cybersecurity ninjas from Perth are here to put your mind at ease. So let’s get right on the topic.

What is new in WordPress 5.8? - The CAG - Perth

What’s new in WordPress 5.8

With its release on July 20th, 2021, WordPress 5.8 comes with an impressive line-up of advanced features and bug fixes. The latest update also introduces Full site editing – this is just the beginning, so you can expect lots of features and improvements in later versions. So,what’s new in WordPress 5.8? Let’s take a deeper dive into the highlights of WordPress 5.8.

Reasons not to build your website on your own - The CAG

Top Reasons To NOT Build Your Own Website

The amount of time and money wasted to maintain a DIY website can steal the attention that your business needs. Your website is the first place a potential lead will check to know more about your products, services, and your brand as a whole. The first impression matters, and to create an impactful impression, you should put time and effort into your website. While the thought of building a website on your own in a couple of hours is an attractive option, perfection takes time. Here are the top reasons to NOT build your website on your own.