How do I share Outlook mobile calendar | 5 Minute Help Desk

5 Minute HelpDesk – How do I Share My Outlook Calendar?

If you are somebody who is busy with meetings all day, you may have faced schedule clashes sometime or the other. A calendar helps you keep tabs on everything within your business. A shared calendar makes it even easier to organise. Sharing your calendar with your teammates can make it simple to plan schedules, save time and avoid schedule collisions.

How to protect my business from phishing | Cybersecurity Audit in Perth

Phishing: A Guide for Perth Small Businesses

As businesses rely more on technology and are increasingly more “internet facing”, solid cybersecurity measures are important. Businesses are under constant attack from everyone – governments, criminals, hackers and even teenagers. Phishing is one of the most common tools used by those who try to get access to your systems. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, as they feel cybersecurity is costly, and consequently don’t have robust security in place.

Products to Make a Lefty’s Life Easier | Computing Australia

Products to Make a Lefty’s Life Easier

International Left-hander’s Day is celebrated on August 13th every year – a day for lefties in a lopsided’ world in favour of right-handers. But that doesn’t make lefties any less talented. Think Allan Border, Nicole Kidman, Tony Abbott (the politician, not the author); there’s a whole list of talented lefty Australians.

The Ultimate Guide to Password Managers | Computing Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Password Managers

Do you share passwords with your friends? Friends are at the apex of the sharing chain. You can share anything with them. From your clothes to the deepest secrets. One thing it isn’t cool to share though are your passwords, yet this is what people do every day by storing passwords in unsecured text files, in emails, or sharing them with friends via chat, email, text etc.

Why is my screen upside down?-5 Minute HelpDesk | Computing Australia

5 Minute HelpDesk – Why is my screen upside down?

This is a common query we get asked on the help desk. Imagine you are working at 2 am in the morning, trying to get your monthly report out and your screen is upside down…! Maybe you turned your screen by accidentally hitting some keys. Or a colleague played a prank on you. Or perhaps you need to rotate your screen to view it vertically or from another angle.

Why Won’t My Printer Print? - 5 Minute HelpDesk | Computing Australia

5 Minute HelpDesk – Why Won’t My Printer Print?

It happens to most of us. You shoot off a document to the printer and turn to see the printer silent. In our latest 5-minute help desk post, we tell you what to do when you are faced with a printer that refuses to print. Hint – it doesn’t involve a hammer!

Business Apps for the iPad Pro | Computing Australia

15 Business Apps for the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro with its processing power and giant screen can now be seen as a good alternative to working on a standard laptop. To maximize productivity and use it to the full potential, you need to use business apps. This article showcases a few of our favourite business apps that let you increase productivity, improve workflows, and manage time effectively.

How did COVID change technology? | Computing Australia

Computing in a Post COVID World – The Future of Technology

The effect of COVID-19 is being felt all over the world – across geographies, industries, lives, and livelihoods. The way we live, play, and work has changed drastically and will remain so for a long time to come, perhaps permanently. One positive aspect has been how technology has held the world together, and the opportunity it provides to help us get accustomed to the ‘new normal’.